Wednesday, February 18, 2009


There isn't a geek on the planet, myself included, who isn't psyched for the new Watchmen movie. But...oh my God, how freaking cool are THESE?

Buddy on a message board I host pointed them out to us today. I am SO there when these Kubricks come out, as I am with pretty much every Kubrick set that gets released/announced. I mean, those that I can find obviously. I still have never seen the latest TRU Japan exclusive Star Wars boxed set for anything less than one testicle and my first born on eBay. Which blows the big chunky kind of poo because it has a Hoth Snowtrooper that otherwise I can't get. It's shocking to me how hard this set is to find.

But while Kubricks are elusive and maddening, Minimates are bountiful and happy. Lots of awesome new Minimates announced out of Toy Fair 2009, like Ghostbusters and Terminator 2, and I just picked up a set from Silence of the Lambs. (Like I said in an earlier blog...I am patient, I wait for a price that suits me. This set has been out for a while, but it's new TO ME. Don't like it? Tough titties.)

In the set, you get four Minimates (a standard configuration of late, though sometimes you get 5, it varies). Though with this one I say you get four and a half, since one of the figures actually is workable as two figures, depending on how you display it.

You get Buffalo Bill, the skin-collecting, weenie-twixt-legs pushing weirdo from the film, one of the only men Jodie Foster has actually ever been after. (And yet he pushes his man-meat between his thighs and wants to wear chick-skin and be a woman? Hmmm...I never got the lesbionic overtones there.)

And of course you get the aforementioned 'single Mom', Jodie Foster, playing the rookie FBI Special Agent Clarice Starling. She comes with a nifty notebook. That thing at her side is a pair of night vision goggles that Bill wears in the finale as a fashion statement.

Ah, Hannibal, dear Hannibal. You get two and a half versions of the fava beans eatin', Chianti slurpin' PSYCHO-therapist. This one, I guess you would call his Asylum Fatigues version...

...which is carrying a liver with a bite out of it. That accessory did not come with the set, I lifted it from a Donnie Pfaster PALz figure from the Palisades X-Files PALz line.

But wait...there's more! You also get the orange Prisoner Transfer version from midway through the film.

But like I said before, one of the figures was sort of a figure and a half, and this orange jump-suited Lecter features the parts to convert it to what I like to call the "Toughened Your Nipples, Didn't It?" Variant. Yeah, I'll go with that.

Love the mask and hand truck, and of course the straight-jacket. This will probably be the way that I display the TYNDI Variant, with Clarice, even though they never appeared this way in the film together.

I'm a rebel what can I say?


  1. I WISH I could find all the Star Wars Kubricks for a decent price. There are SO many I wish I had.

  2. Did you ever get the new TRU Star Wars set?

    Yeah, there are lots I do not have still, especially the newer chases. Much harder to get nowadays.

  3. I just bought our Watchmen tickets. We get to see it on the 5th, suckers. Because we live in the future that's almost like TWO days before you do. We're going to take the hover car.

  4. Make sure you wear your radiation-resistant underpants, Future Boy!

    Lucky bastard...


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