Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Geek-Box 360

I'm a gamer.

There...I said it.

Add another notch to my geek belt, I don’t care. Now while I am a gamer I am not a hardcore gamer. Although tell my wife that...she would disagree, she believes that I love my X-Box 360 more than her. Well...if I had to CHOOSE one, I guess I'd choose my wife. BUT I WOULDN'T BE HAPPY ABOUT IT.

Lately I have been hip-deep in the LEGO Trilogy, consisting of Indiana Jones, Star Wars and Batman. I used to play a lot of games that were more violent and scary, but I play them less often now because it is so hard to play those kinds of games while the kids are awake, but when the kids go to bed it's dark and then I get scared. I can be a huge pussy when it comes to my irrational fear of the imminent attack of zombies.

If you are a member of X-Box Live and ever want to beat the crap out of me (I suck) or to play a co-op game (I would prefer this), my gamertag is residentlilly2. Why the 2? Cause I screwed up and have a freebie silver membership as residentlilly and I didn’t feel like trying to talk to some guy in India for three hours to fix the issue and have that gamertag canceled. X-Box customer service is a fuggin' JOKE.

Check it out...

That's me, or a facsimile of me, rather. It's my avatar, something you customize to make look sort of like you. That's easy for me. Bald, chunky, glasses and goatee are VERY easy to simulate electronically. You know, they really need a way to get a better image on your X-Box account. The avatar does all kinds of cool things on X-Box Live, but you can't access that stuff on your computer. So sad.

EDIT: Since these are written out of sequence and maybe even several days or a week ago or so I should point out that I have no news regarding Bennett and probably will not for a while. We took him to the doctor and it was exactly what I thought. Doctor has no idea. And now? The tests begin. He is being scheduled for an EEG. If that reveals nothing it is a night spent in the hospital hooked up to some gizmo. GREAT. This is not going to be a fun ride for the boy, or for us.

It's taking its toll on my sleep and my dreams though, which means there is really no respite no matter what time of day it is. Joy.


  1. Dude, I have a HUGE fear of zombies attacking. If it's like 3am and I have to piss I dont want to look out the window. Too afraid to see one standing in the street under the streetlight staring back at me. Gives me the heebie jeebies! And on the Bennett thing, my sister had something very similar. They didn't discover it until she was about 21 though. She got hooked up to machines, etc for the night... It was petty mal seizures. They traced it back to her getting clunked in the head by a piece of blacktop that some kid threw at her in the 1st grade. She's fine and lives a normal life... except for the fact that she's a bitch, but that has nothing to do with the petty mal seizures.

  2. Now I am thinking about all of the times Bennett has bumped his head. oy...

  3. Your Avatar looks A LOT like the dude from Myth Busters.

  4. ever walked down the street at about 4am and looked at the people around you, maybe the ones far away and half drunk trying to make it home? I always look at them and wonder if they are people or zombies. Sometimes I legitimately frighten myself...i'm not even joking...

    hope Bennett's ok, btw. My cousin's kid had something similar but more severe from the sounds of it (like, falling on the floor convulsing) and she is fine with a few hopefully it's no big....

  5. Word of advice? DO NOT get on the net and look up his symptoms. Please, please don't. Bad idea. I'm working in a medical library right now and totally convinced myself that I had sleep apnea because of a list of symptoms I saw, went to the doctor in a panic (Sleep Apnea: When you stop breathing in your sleep. Scary shit) and he told me straight out that Med students make my mistake all the time and self diagnose with bad results. the truth is, there are many millions of things that can go wrong medically, and an absolutely tiny portion of those are a big deal. The average person has four or five illnesses/deficiencies they'll go through life without knowing about. I'm a little more relaxed about medicine than your average person but rest assured that odds are, if it's anything it all, it'll be minor. I'm voting a food allergy. I still can't eat raw carrots without hiccuping.

  6. I get where you are coming from Suze, I really do. But I don't even need the Internet to get my mind racing to all kinds of scary possibilities.

    It's funny as I had actually never considered a food allergy. I did some thinking and haven't detected any commonality to a food consumed prior to an episode but I will of course be paying even closer attention to that. Hell we already are keeping a journal of what happens, when, circumstances and everything.



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