Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm Square and So Are My Toys

I don't collect that many toys anymore. Used to though. In fact, it used to be a little crazy in my world. Toys, statues, mini-busts, plush and more. Thousands of toys lined wall after wall in my house. Stacks of toys, piles of toys, shelves of toys. Boxes full of toys I had forgotten about. Toys I traveled with, toys I referenced and toys I abused. There could never be enough toys.

Three things changed that. The first was marriage. Oh sure, girlfriends tolerate a ton of stuff from their men, but don't ever be fooled, when the ring goes on things change. Much of this change is very, very good. Much of it is a systematic elimination of anything that you had in your bachelor pad that was in the slightest bit goofy or geeky. Chicks have a nesting instinct. If anyone tries to tell you they don’t, smack ‘em. They do. Big time.

Then there are kids...after you pop one out (or two), and any parent reading this probably knows what I mean, you actually get some kind of joy out of giving your kids stuff to play with and introducing THEM to toys you like. The value you place on stuff changes. So you spend less on your shit and more on their shit, and you don't mind as much, and soon you realize THEIR piles are getting larger that YOUR piles. Your own collection is shrinking. (There are exceptions to that of course, I happen to know a few guys who still collect stuff on an insane level...I have no idea how they do it.)

Lastly, shit is getting super expensive and my disposable income isn't so disposable anymore. The expense of the previously mentioned kids, mortgage, car payments, family outings and the like eat into that, as well as the fear over the way things are right now in the economy. Parting with cash isn't nearly as easy as it used to be when it comes to the acquisition of stuff.

So how do I feed the beast nowadays? How do I satisfy my urge of collecting this crap? I live by a few simple rules. I have a much more narrowed focus by collecting very few overall 'lines', I never feel the need to be a 'completist' on anything, and I buy stuff online (that is maybe only available now on eBay that would never be considered current) and avoid toy stores (ala ‘new releases’) as much as I can. You can usually find good deals on older items if you look for them, even better deals if you don't care about mint packaging and junk like that. I usually don't. Used to. Don’t now. That’s another rule. F-U-C-K MOC.

Lately I am still into block figures, like Kubricks. Kubrick just put out a line a couple months back of LOST figures which I picked up a couple of weeks ago and haven't had a chance to shoot yet, they may usurp this GTA set... my favorite group based on a bunch of simple, straight-up human likenesses (as opposed to Star Wars, Batman, Sesame Street or other genre type stuff). I'll shoot the new LOST figs when I get the chance. Friggin' CHASE figure is a Desmond and not sure what the other is. There REALLY needs to be a Kubrick website that has a complete visual checklist, like the Minimates Database for MiniMates collectors.

The closest thing I found was the Medicom Toy Store site, but that isn't a true 'checklist' format and who knows if it is even a complete overview of all the lines they put out? Or I should get my bud Phil Reasoner addicted to them...then I could one day have access to an entire database of awesome photos of every Kubrick ever created. MWUHAHAHAHA!!!

Of course, MiniMates is still very much a part of my collecting habits. That line is just SICK when it comes to putting out the cool Marvel characters. The latest Spider-Man specific wave has all kinds of awesome in it.

I mean, c'mon...Tarantula? Cosmic Spider-Man? Kraven? Shocker? It doesn't get any better than that in the Spidey or Minimates Universe. Until the next wave of course, which seems to always have a new, fresh surprise. I thought I was blown away by Mysterio earlier on, but to see all the super classic (another word for my old-ass generation) Spidey villains coming out finally is awesome. Now it's time to show The Lizard some love. Um…what? You know what I mean.

The last time I actually had all the Minimates I own shot in one gigantic group setting was back when I lived in Baltimore. This was YEARS ago...

...and VERY EARLY on in that series. I should try to figure out a way to do a group shot that includes all those and the figures since then, particularly the DC additions and some of the newer 4-packs like Fistful of Dollars and Silence of the Lambs. But to shoot them all in one shot? Major undertaking. Not sure I have that kind of time.
Coolest block figure I have added since the last time I blogged regularly? This one.'s LEGO and it's Indiana Jones. Even if the latest movie sucked every which way I ever imagined it could, it's LEGO FREAKIN' Indiana Jones. I just wish that LEGO would release their figures by themselves. It costs a small fortune to buy the large sets just to get a few select figures, so I rarely get a LEGO figure.

Way back when? I'd have bought ALL those expensive sets. These days I bought the cheapest motorcycle set I could find from LEGO Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and gave Carter the bike parts and kept the figure for myself. He kept asking where the 'little people' was, I just told him that I lost it. :)


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