Friday, February 20, 2009

Land of the LOST

Holy crap, I love LOST.

Maybe the greatest show in the history of television? I don't know about shit like that. I don't actually CARE about shit like that. But it is definitely one of KEN'S most favorite shows in the history of television. I'm sitting there last night, watching a DVR'd version of this week's episode and in less than 1 minute they had yet again taken my LOST perceptions and thrown them on their ear.

See I, like many others probably, believed that the whole season would be a quest to get back on the island. Instead what do they do? They show up on the island in mid season with a ton of questions about how they each ended up deciding to return from a place they sacrificed so much to leave. Now they get to answer those questions for the rest of the season. Did Ben actually kill Penny? That's a theory that is floating around. Did Charlie visit Hurley again and tell him where to go get his guitar? What the hell did Kate actually DO with Aaron? Who is the hottie with Sayid? And so on and so on.

Tell you what, the scene with Jack putting his father's shoes on Locke was one of the most amazing pieces of writing in the history of the show for it's combined subtlety and it's directness. It really makes you wonder doesn’t it? Jack was originally killed by the Smoke Monster in the pilot episode and Kate was to be the leader of the Losties. The network wanted them to keep Jack, and I can’t imagine the show being where it is without him.

For shits and giggles, I am tossing up some of my favorite images from LOST that have one way or another found their way to my hard drive.

Hey wait, these pics are all of Evangeline Lilly who plays Kate Austen!!! Sorry about that. But what the hell, she is a FANTASTIC reason to watch the show as well as all of your other reasons. Hey...if I married Evangeline Lilly she wouldn't have to change her last name. How FREAKIN' cool is that?!? Of course, in a LOST scenario, she would actually end up being my daughter from the future or some crazy shit like that. Damn you paradoxical crap! Damn you to Hell!!!

Anyway, I was so motivated by all that is LOST last night that I decided to go ahead and take the pics I promised of the LOST Kubricks I recently picked up. I say recently which is to say within the past few months. I still am on the hunt for the chase figures, one of which is Desmond but I don't know who the other is.

This first shot is of the whole set of the main release of the line. They typically do a six figure series with 2-3 chase figures.

This next shot is of a special edition they released, done in another format they have been doing a lot more of lately, a Kubrick in a 2-pack with a themed Be@rbrick. I'm not all that into Be@rbricks, and sometimes their companion Be@rbrick figure in these packs is cool, sometimes it is just weird. This one falls into the weird category.

I mean, a shiny bear with a LOST logo? LAME. Should have been all white, ala a polar bear, with a Dharma collar on or a DHARMA logo on it. C'mon Medicom, let's try a little harder to come up with some ideas, 'k?

I just wish this wasn't it for the LOST Kubricks...this display is gonna be EXTREMELY naked without all the other beloved characters.


  1. I'm going to have to agree... that Bearbrick is dumb... and I like bears.

  2. I was talking to Jesse Falcon last week about LOST and we were talking about ho much we love it and how so many people we know have given up on it, and his theory was that the people that can't or don't want to keep up didn't read comics as a kid. They aren't used to that sort of story telling, where you don't always know what is happening or who had allegiance to whom. That made a lot of sense to me. I'm TOTALLY hooked on the show!

  3. Oh, and Yeah. Evangeline Lilly is LOVELY. If not made by God himself then at least someone very high up in the organization. Or made by God when Mrs. God wasn't looking.

  4. That comic connection is perhaps one of the best statements on the flavor of the show I have heard in a while.

  5. You can post more Evangeline Lilly photos if you want to. I don't mind.

  6. Dumb bear... looks more like a communist mouse. I never got into this show. I didnt catch it from the beginning. Some day when the show is over I'll lock myself up in a small room for a week and watch all of the episodes.

  7. The other LOST Kubrick is Ben.

    (The "other" LOST Kubrick is Ben. Ha.)

  8. Really? I MUST HAVE IT!!! Thanks for the heads up, I appreciate it.


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