Monday, February 23, 2009

My Muggs Are Mightier Than Yours

OK, so admittedly, aside from my wife and kids, I ain't got no life.

Over the weekend, said wife and kids were out of town, and what was I doing? Going through dozens of data DVD's looking for some junk, consolidating them into a main hard drive, cleaning, playing some LEGO Star Wars on the X-Box, and in case I wasn't geeking it up enough? Taking photos of some of the useless (but OH so awesome) junk I actually spent money on in the last couple of weeks.

Oh Mighty Muggs, you are so...MIGHTY. For anyone who doesn't know, Mighty Muggs are Hasbro's entry into the world of Designer Figures. It's where they (a manufacturing company or person) take basically a single sculpted figure and use it over and over again only changing up the paints and, occasionally, a sculpted bit or two. Designer figs have been around a long time, but it was Dunny that really sent what was an extreme niche industry into overdrive.

First up, two Star Wars Mighty Muggs that were Previews exclusives, Admiral Ackbar and the dreaded Shadow Trooper. Mucho thanks to Michael for helping me get these and allowing me my sweet friggin' time to pay up.

Then, a set I got off of, the first wave of G.I. JOE Mighty Muggs. Their cool, but I am WAY more looking forward to Baroness and Destro.

Then a pair I picked up last week at the new ToysRUs that opened up not too far from me. I take Carter there once a month as part of a Father/Son day when we do something together on a weekend without Jennifer or Bennett...I think though that it is also a treat for ME. This pair of MM's from The Punisher were a TRU exclusive.

And lastly, the set I was hoping would be in stock when I steered the Lillymobile into the parking lot of the local Target. Oh yes, the latest Target exclusive wave of Star Wars MM's. Though I don’t really get why there was a Cody there (which I did not get) since he came out a LONG time ago, I happily picked up the rest.

That Biggs is a gas...I think we all need to start a concerted movement to bring back the porn moustache from the 70's.

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