Friday, February 13, 2009

Devil Dinosaur, Butt Frenzy and Resident Hill?

I haven't bought a new comic book in years. Unless you count trade paperbacks and some one-shots, which I do pick up when the mood strikes. For the most part, it's because of cash...they are FREAKIN' expensive. But there is also just a sort of disconnect I have with a lot of comic books that are out there today. They are often complex, overly-sophisticated stories requiring multiple title-purchases to complete.

Me? Most of the time (not all...MOST) I just want to read something that takes me out of my head for 20 minutes and doesn't make me think a provides me quite enough thinking thank you very much.

Bring back Devil Dinosaur though, and I am SO there.

Why are a lot of people so super-uptight about skin? Why is it totally cool for Jack Bauer to snap a terrorists neck or yank out fingernails on each episode of '24' but you wouldn't be able to see a flash of boobie on that show? This is one of our culture's most maddening paradoxes, a shock and horror when it comes to sex and a blind eye when it comes to violence. I think George Carlin once said he's rather have his kids watch two people making love than two people trying to kill each other. (I miss that guy.)

Few years back, while working for Palisades, we were putting out some Aqua Teen Hunger Force action figures. A fairly adult cartoon, with a lot of suggestive jokes. No biggie. We show the comps to someone from a retail chain who shall remain nameless, and one of the accessories for Master Shake was a copy of Butt Frenzy magazine. Buyer freaked out, said they would not buy the stuff with that in it, and in the end we took it out to accommodate. Of course, bitch actually never did buy the product, but I never forgot how stupid the entire thing was.

I need a new game to sink my teeth into. In March I think Resident Evil 5 comes out...though I am not sure if I will actually get it. I played the demo and it is SO far removed from what I know to be RE that I am not sure I want to. That, and the designs of the monsters are just not as cool as those from the original RE all the way through Code: Veronica and Zero. Don't get me wrong, the new Chris Redfield design is pretty amazing, LOVE it...

...but the monsters now are getting into Silent Hill territory, don'tcha think? I mean, one of the baddies that is in one of the demo levels, some executioner-looking dude...

...bears an UNCANNY resemblance to Silent Hill's Pyramid Head.

While not an exact match, it certainly matches in style and feel and is so far removed from baddies like Nemesis or Mr. X or the Tyrant or the Lickers and all that mutated shit. Still...I probably will pick up the game. I'm a Resident Evil junkie and need a fix. The problem is that now that I have kids I can only play these scary games at night after they go to bed...and I get a little freaked out playing the scary stuff at night. Yeah, I'm a pussy, I get it.

By the way, that pic of the Executioner figure from NECA still looks SWEEEEET! Can't blame them for the direction Capcom has taken Resident Evil, but you can sure count on 'em super awesome Resident Evil figs!



  1. I really dig the Chris Redfield design. Always enjoyed that line.

  2. The NECA fig based on that line will be coming out in a couple months I think. I be gettin' myself one, that's for sure.


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