Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Speed Dating

So it's an average morning, I'm doing some work on some images for a pitch to a licensor on behalf of the new company I work for. Getting into the groove of it, then I get an IM from one of my buddies who said they really liked an image that they saw on my deviantART page. The image is a ballpoint pen sketch I did of a girl wearing glasses and sipping some coffee. No biggie, but this buddy, whose initials are Chad McCoy, says that he really likes the sketch. The aforementioned sketch rests at the beginning of the post.

We got to chatting a little bit (WHILE we were working, I ain't a total slacker and neither is he, this is just one of the aspects of AIM), and he asked me if I ever colored any of my work. I said I do, but not well, and I showed him where to look on my DA page for some of the stuff I actually colored myself. Anyway, the whole exchange reminded me of how much crap I actually have ON my DA page that I can use as fodder for here! Woohoo! Then I can load up what I load here into a folder on Facebook. I LOVE it when shit has a flow like that!!!

Of course, this notion, while providing me with a blog resource, also made me a bit sad...because I do love to draw and never really do it enough and seeing all that work is a reminder of that. I always felt I could have done the drawing thing and actually get paid for it if I had been able to do it more often. But real life got in the way of trying to grow as an artist and I needed to eat, so way back when after I was struggling too hard to be a comic book artist I took a full time job at ReSaurus.

There were some cool opportunities back then, like the one below. It's pretty dated, but hell I sometimes dig pulling old work out of mothballs and dusting it off. Ray, you mentioned some Speed stuff, here is a taste.

Back when we were doing Speed Racer action figures and the Mach 5 vehicle, Chris Borman was the guy managing that line. He actually came to me and asked me if I would draw some art for the Speed packaging. I was really touched by that (I'm a sentimental a-hole I realize that) but I think the main reason he wanted me to do something was because the art the licensor provided was Class-A Shit.
I drew a main image of Speed for the front of the card...

...and another image of Speed for the back.

They were both based on images that we grabbed from the shitty style guide we had, all I did basically was make them more palatable for the packaging. Here's how the front of the card actually looked.

Ah, those were the DAYS...and I still say that the Mach 5 that our little company did was one of the single greatest vehicles ever made as a toy. The detail exceeded anything you would see today on the Mach 5 stuff from that Speed Racer movie, and the only vehicle that even comes close to that level of detail for around that scale and affordable price is the Special Forces Jeep from Plan-B Toys, which is, of course, also run by Chris Borman and his brother Jay.

A lot of good things change and that sucks. But some good things never change, and that's awesome.



  1. As I told you earlier, I really dig the sketch of the chick with specs. Something about that is really... sexy. Call me crazy, but I'm sure I'm not the only one.

  2. You aren't the only one. She's hot. Ken draws an awesome hot chick.

    And ALL those Speed Racer products seem to just blow away the new stuff so much.

    I gotta get some Plan-B stuff someday.

  3. Just be careful, you know how you are once you are bitten by something.


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