Monday, March 16, 2009

Artists Alley: Karen Hinson

NOTE: Taking a break a little from thinking about all this stuff going on with Bennett, so I am going to run some of the blogs I had written that I had not gotten around to posting yet. So you might notice a little more light-heartedness in the writing style...cause I wrote them a couple of weeks ago actually.

I'm a big fan of art of all kinds. I'll go to a museum and look at the classics or so-called 'modern art', I'll walk through the mall and admire sculpture or photography, I'll pick up a comic book and squeal in awe over the renderings inside. And even though I sort of failed when I tried to make it as a full-time 'artist', I feel a kindred spirit towards other artists and have a deep respect and appreciation for their craft.

So it's no surprise really that when I first heard about deviantART, a website that is where many artists hang out and display their digital wares, that I joined up. Even paid for a membership since the membership has so much more in the way of cool features. Now granted, there is a ton of crap on there that seems to be soft core porn masquerading as art, but you can avoid that and it isn't as rampant as you might think. But there are amazing gems there too, it's a great site.

I don't post a whole lot on there right now though to be quite honest. I haven't added anything new in quite a while, and last year I was adding all the time and had even started some new work. But PAYING work takes precedence, and I have two kids to feed so I blopped the art for funsies sake and started doing product development again, which, while creative, isn't 'makin' art' the way most people think of 'makin' art'.

But I still have my 'watch list', which is a list of the people I look at on the site and the site will notify me when they have posted new 'deviations', and a lot of the art is fantastic there. You get the full gambit, from kids just starting out, to guys like me who are sort of in the medium area, to full-on GODS in the professional comic world, like Adam Hughes, Tim Townsend and others, who put images of their work up, write journals and talk to one another.

Every so often, in these pages, I am going to post some art from other folks, most of whom I discovered with deviantART or others who I have loved for years. I think for lack of a better term I am gonna call this little segment Artists Alley. Mainly because it has always been a dream of mine to set up in one at a convention and sell my wares, though I am pretty doubtful that is ever gonna happen.

This first artist is a young woman named Karen Hinson (goes by the moniker of khinson on DA) who I encountered on deviantART because I was doing a search at one time for some Star Wars stuff, and she was all over the place. She does some pencil renderings and mainly in black and white, but there is a bold, dramatic way she wields those pencils that really makes her work sing. Her work is often featured in the Fan Art section on and in many other Star Wars circles.

Check out some of her amazing work.

If you'd like to see more of her talents in action, check out the deviantART page of Karen Hinson. You'd have to sign up for an account (I think, not sure on that), but it's free and WELL worth your time to have access to her gallery, as well as hundreds of thousands of other pieces of fantastic art!

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