Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'll Be Block

Some asshat asked me yesterday why I would write blogs about toys or other things instead of focusing any and all of my writings or my time on what is going on with my son Bennett. At first? I was really taken aback and started to question myself and was embarrassed. Then I was just plain old-fashioned mad. Had this person been in front of me, I would have delivered unto him a freshly opened can of Whup-Ass.

Yes, Bennett and his condition and his present and his future is my number one priority. Yes it is weighing me down. I actually feel in many ways as if my entire body is covered in tar and my head is encased in an old-fashioned diving helmet like they wore in that movie with DeNiro and Cuba Gooding. It's that heavy. So I write these things, and try to get into talking about some other things that have nothing to do with seizures or spasms or dysplasia or brain surgery or anything of the sort so that I can lighten that heaviness and try to preserve what little positive mental health I have.

So to that end, join me in this diversion, and any others I choose to explore...I'd appreciate the pleasure of your company.

I remember seeing the first Terminator film for the first time in the movie theater, I even remember who I saw it with. A sweet girl named Amy who I was dating in 11th grade. It was such an awesome, life-changing movie that I always remembered my first viewing of it and it was doubly etched into my memory because I was so mesmerized by it that despite the fact that this SUPER hot chick who I was majorly into physically was sitting next to me I didn't even take a second to try to lay the mack down. Not even ONCE.

That's how good Terminator was as a story.

Most things Terminator end up being awesome. Terminator 2 was a perfect sequel in every way, shape and metallic form. There were tons of comics I read and enjoyed. I bought some of the Terminator toys that came out over the years. And of course I am SO psyched for Terminator: Salvation. I can't wait to see it.

Here's the real kicker much as I love all things Terminator I have never watched The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Only one reason really. I can only watch so much TV a week, and already I feel like I watch too much, so I had to let that one slide. I will probably catch it on DVD some time. Isn't TV on DVD an awesome thing? I remember when I watched TV without even having a freakin' VCR.

Then there is Terminator 3, a movie I often hear people talk shit about. I may be one of the few of the people I regularly communicate with who really loved Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. Most of the folks I share movie talk with didn't like it. I loved it. But then again, I am sometimes a freak when it comes to movies. My favorite Matrix film was the second one and I really liked the third.

I've had my eye on this set of Kubrick figures for a long, long time. Always passed them up, and over the past few years I just had not been spending the money on stuff like this, but now that I have a job I have a TOY ALLOWANCE again for 'Ken Stuff' so I am constantly looking for deals on eBay to fill some holes in my collection.

These were put out the year that T-3 came out and it has taken this long to add them to my collection. Medicom put out two boxed sets of figures based on the T3 film.

You get the humans in the movie, John Connor and Kate Brewster.

Am I the only one who thinks Claire Danes is hot? Well, to me she was especially hot in this movie, and I can't put my finger on the reason why. And is it me, or does the Kubrick version of John Connor look eerily like Sean Astin?

You also get two versions of the T-X, the one based on the actress Kristanna Loken, and the full mechanical one.

And of course you get two versions of Ah-nuld. One with the coffin from the scene in the cemetery at the mausoleum of Sarah Connor...

...and one with some nifty cyborg battle damage.

That eye is awesome. It's a subtle detail from the film that shows me that someone who designed this figure was REALLY paying attention. Near the end he has a sort of bloody eye and they nailed it.

Lastly, you get one of the early Terminators, the T1-7, which is probably about as UN-Kubrick as a Kubrick gets.

Awesome to finally have these, and it will definitely keep me satisfied until I begin the hunt for these...

The Terminator 2 MiniMates that debuted at Toy Fair and are coming out in the next few months. Can't wait!!!


  1. Does "Asshat" have any kids?
    I get it, Ken. You are LIVING every minute of the day with your crisis, so if you want to talk about toys or comics or even if you want to use this forum to try to convince us that Claire Danes is hot (she isn't), then go for it, and I'll be "block" to read it.

  2. I'll speak up as the girl who was sitting next to the guy who was watching Terminator. It was on TV, at my house, the year I was a sophmore in high school. The guy was my best friend and he was teaching me to play chess (he was a very good player, who took the game seriously). But he was engrossed by the when he killed my queen and I started whining, he put it back on the board without even looking down, just to get me to shut up. It was checkmate! I won! The next day I told everyone at school how I'd beat him on my very first try and then refused to ever play with him again. I also got to rub this in for years.

    I have very fond feelings for all things Terminator.

  3. Rob:
    Claire being hot to me is what I figured, but I have a huge range of tastes when it comes to the ladies.

    Thanks for the note, I did e-mail you back but you may need to check ion your junk filter cause I use my old company address for e-mail and it gets blocked a lot.

  4. I actually finally just watched Terminator all the way through for the first time about a month ago. Yeah, I know... smack me. It was fantastic! I'm now totally stoked for Salvation, can't wait for it.

    As for the asshat... this person sounds like a douche.

  5. Ken, thanks for letting me know! Your messaged had ended up in email purgatory! You guys are in Delaware County right? Let me know if I got the county wrong. I put a call in today and am waiting to hear back. I'll email you complete details once I get them.

  6. Robert took the words out of my mouth about this. You post what you need to, man. I'm reading all of them (really dug the stuff about Rizzo, too).

    Heh, I'm one of the few who didn't like the first Matrix film much, but dug the second one (and if you can believe it haven't seen the third still--I'll get to it one of these moons, I just kind of felt like quitting while I was ahead, lol). Maybe I should check out Rise of the Machines someday...

  7. Even I have to admit the bloody eye is cool.

    I wrote my Masters thesis on My So-Called Life so I spent a lot of time immersed in Claire Danes related nonsense-- I know plenty of guys and a few women who think she's hot.

  8. I love the Terminator saga, and am also one of those who dug T3.

    The worst thing about Terminator is the awesome 3-3/4" action figures that never came out from some awesome toy company that went under before it's time. Those things were lookin' sweet, and it's a dang shame they never saw the light of day.

    Looking forward to those T2 Minimates, and even the Playmates stuff for Salvation.

    But my entire toy collection is incomplete without a 3-3/4" Arnold figure :-(

  9. Hey Jeff, did I ever show you the shots of the painted T-2 stuff that was actually in the 3.75 inch scale?

  10. Ok... I'm with you on Claire Danes being hot... but I can't quite follow you on the T3 is a good movie.
    If you liked it, that's because it's the same movie, beat for beat, as T2, except this time the Terminator had boobs.
    It was like a 2 hour Twilight Zone episode, but you had to sit through a lot of the same old stuff to get to the twist ending.
    That's just my .02. As always, your mileage may vary.

  11. Ken,

    Yeah, you showed me the painted stuff. It was all looking awesome, and remains my greatest toy 'one that got away'

    I try not to think about the 3-3/4" Planet of the Apes line or I cry and curl into the fetal position.

  12. Just do what you need to do to decompress. It's beneficial to you and your family to do so. There will always be blurty people with their own perspective on a situation they know very little about. I wish those portable cartoon sinkholes were real so we could throw them at such people.


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