Thursday, March 5, 2009

Putting a Little Block on That Face

As I mentioned in an earlier blog...well, actually SEVERAL, I love block figures, specifically Kubrick figures, MiniMates, PALz and LEGO block figures, and a few other noteworthy contributors to the category. So yer gonna see lots of blogs covering new acquisitions to my ever-expanding block figure collection.

This past week I picked up three of the boxed sets that feature a Kubrick and a Be@rbrick packed side by side. Now, I've also mentioned the real hang-ups I have with this packaging scenario in an earlier blog about a LOST Kubrick & Be@rbrick 2-Pack, and I still have it, maybe even more so now that I have picked up these three sets.

Now, The Dark Knight was pretty much every geek's wet-dream-come-true-movie of 2008 (with Iron Man being a close second), and while Medicom did not do a full series of TDK Kubrick figures, they did 2 sets of these Kubrick/Be@rbrick combos.

The first was featuring Gotham's masked vigilante himself.

That Batman is awesome, even though the eyes are a little wacky to me, but that Be@brick? A clear blue with a Batman logo? LAME-A-ROONY! C'mon...couldn't you think of anything better than that? Hell, my kid could probably come up with something that fit better into the whole Batman universe. Oh well, at least the Be@rbrick that came in the other pack was inventive.

The Joker with the Heath Ledger look is super, and I gotta admit that the Be@rbrick they did, utilizing that sort of 'Joker Graffiti' so prominent in all the pre-film ad campaigns is actually very cool. If you gotta have a Be@rbrick with a Joker as a pack-in, that's the way to go. WELL DONE MEDICOM.

Two years ago, there was another film that, at least until you saw it, was SUPPOSED to be the 'every geek's wet-dream-come-true-movie' of 2006. I'm talking about Superman Returns, the terrible film that didn't so much re-boot the Superman franchise the way Batman Begins did but rather was just a piss-poor mix of a re-telling of the first Superman movie, with an added shit-sequel re-tool bonus of Superman's kid. Most movies like this I will watch a second time even if I didn't like it much, but I have never sat through this one again, and I watched the Richard Pryor vomit-fest that was Superman III at least 3 or 4 times over the years if it was on TNT and I was home alone on a Saturday afternoon.

At the time, my taste was SO tainted over anything Supes that I avoided the Kubrick/Be@brick set of the Man of Steel that they put out. Recently I found the set on eBay for a good price and took the bait and picked it up.

Really nifty Superman. And I do get the Be@rbrick basic concept here...Man of Steel, so let's do a shiny 'steel-like' Be@rbrick. As much as I am HYP-MO-TIZE by shiny opbjects, it still shat the bed in my opinion. The best answer? A translucent GREEN KRYPTONITE Be@rbrick! Now THAT would have been super!

Hey look...this Kubrick, because of the enormous pectoral muscle attachment, can only lift his arms about halfway, preventing the little guy from achieving true super-flight.

Much like the MOVIE, if you ask me.

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  1. As Gary Oldman said in True Romance, "Look at those Breastisies!"


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