Monday, March 02, 2009

The Return of Chad Vader

I was a little late to the whole Chad Vader experience, but now that I am a convert, I can't get enough. Devoured the first season, suckled the teat that was Season 1.5 (the Chad Vader Empire Market Training Videos), sipped daintily the one-shots and special videos over the holidays, and now my appetite for Chad (Chadetite?) can be FULLY satiated once again, as Chad Vader: Season 2 is now underway. That's a link to the first episode of Season 2 below. But DON'T watch it if you have no idea what the hell I am talking about, you'll just become confused.

What the hell is Chad Vader you ask? According to Wikipedia:

Chad Vader is a series of comedy shorts by Blame Society Productions that has gained popularity on the Internet, particularly through viewings on YouTube and MySpace. It was originally created for Channel 101, where it was "canceled" after two episodes, but the creators continued to develop the story arc and publish the series in other venues. The first episode has been viewed over seven million times on YouTube. Though Sloan and Yonda did not create Chad Vader as a "fan film" series, it won the "George Lucas Selects" award at the 2007 "Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge."

It's a basic Star Wars fan film series, and it's funny...but only if you are into that sort of thing. If you aren't you'll just shake your head and put another notch on my Geek Bandoleer. I threw out the Geek Belt, it was getting too small to hold all my notches. I wore the Geek Belt with pride, I wear the Geek Bandoleer with GEEKY VENGEANCE, baby! WOOHOO!

Did you know that the voice that Matt Sloan gives to Chad was so impressive to the folks at Lucasfilm that he is now the voice actor for Vader in a slew of video games and other media?

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