Thursday, March 5, 2009

Temporarily Out of Service

Sorry, but any new blogs are going to be suspended for a little while. My son Bennett is in the hospital with complications involving a condition he recently started showing sypmtoms of that I spoke of a week or so ago here...

Bennett had an EEG today and the initial suspected diagnosis is not very good. He is being tested with much more scrutiny right now at the hospital, and will likely be here a few days.

I am not going to be having any answers for a while and essentially will only be available to those few who know how to contact me via phone. I am posting this in case by some chance I have forgotten to let someone know that I should have NOT forgotten (my mind is a little frazzled) and I want to be sure the people who need to know are in the loop.

I hope to know more about his condition soon, but I just don’t know when.


  1. I'll be thinking about you and your bub, Ken. Just remember that diagnosing children is notoriously difficult and putting a child in hospital for observation is pretty standard since they have trouble vocalizing any discomfort. Try not to assume the worst. I know that's difficult, but... yeah. Good luck. Please keep us posted, if you can.

  2. Ken, my heart breaks for you guys! Here's hoping all the very best for all of you guys!

  3. Best of luck. We'll be thinking of you guys.

  4. Best of luck, Ken. Thoughts and prayers are with you my friend.


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