Monday, April 20, 2009

Artists Alley: Chris Uminga

Another look at one of the many gifted and talented people you can find at deviantART, the website for artists to post their work and participate in an online community. You get the full gambit at DA, from kids just starting out, to guys like me who are sort of in the medium area, to full-on GODS in the professional comic world, like Adam Hughes, Tim Townsend, Jim Lee and others, who put images of their work up, write journals and talk to one another. I also maintain my own deviantART page, which if you ever feel adventurous you can always check it out.

I don't post a whole lot on there right now though to be quite honest. I haven't uploaded anything in quite a while, but last year I was adding all the time and had even started some new work. But PAYING work takes precedence, and so I blopped the art for funsies sake and started doing product development again, which, while creative, isn't 'makin' art' the way most people think of 'makin' art'. Add in to that the whole mix of Bennett and his seizures, and there just isn't any kind of free time left for drawing.

But I still have my 'watch list', which is a list of the people I look at on the site and the site will notify me when they have posted new 'deviations', and a lot of the art is fantastic there.

Today I want to introduce you to the work of Chris Uminga, who goes by the deviantART name of simply UMINGA. I don't know much about Chris, he doesn't journal much at DA and his own website doesn't say much about the man, but I do love his art. His work is very haunting, in an eerily cute sort of way, and certainly not for everyone I'm sure. But for a reason I cannot really articulate his work resonated with me from the first moment I saw it.

(EDIT: Adding this actually after I wrote this and scheduled it for posting. I know exactly why I am gravitating towards this art right now, more so than some of the other folks I watch on DA. The eyes. The blankness of the child-like characters he paints...I see this in my son sometimes, a blank stare that accompanies the seizure activity he has, and when I look at Chris's art it speaks to a certain sadness in me that is very powerful in my life at the moment. Anyway...that's my working theory as to why I picked Chris's work to show you today compared to some other artist on my Watch page.)

I picked some of his interpretations of DC Comics characters to show in this blog, but he does other things as well. These are just some of my faves.

If you'd like to see more of his talents in action, check out Chis Uminga's deviantART page. You'd have to sign up for an account, but it's free and WELL worth your time to have access to his gallery, as well as hundreds of thousands of other pieces of fantastic art! You can also see his artwork without signing up for anything at his own


  1. There's an Invader Zim like quality to both a lot of his content and his style. I like it!

  2. interesting work. I really like his "sad hulk"


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