Wednesday, April 8, 2009

More LOST Kubrick Figures

Figured it was time to try to get back to writing some blogs about stuff not related to Bennett. Not to suggest I care less about it, quite the contrary...I just need some distraction too. One can get consumed by this if one is not careful.

Now you know I love Kubrick figures. I've written about them in these pages, showed you some sets I have picked up lately. Along with MiniMates and Mighty Muggs and a few other things, they about all I am collecting anymore because of space/money/interests.

Remember the blog when I went over the new LOST Kubrick figures I picked up? Well, I managed to pick up two items in the last month or two. The Desmond chase figure and a Be@rbrick I did not know about.

I actually had my eye on this...

Ben Linus eBay Auction

But HOLY CRAP. Six hundred and ten dollars? A couple of people really wanted that Benjamin Linus. I I want it too, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t want it THAT badly.

So I'll just have to be happy getting my LOST block figure fix another way...check it new Desmond Kubrick...

Jack Sheppard is my favorite character, always has been. Desmond Hume is a very close second. If it is a Desmond-centric episode, you can bet that it is going to be a FANTASTIC episode of LOST. That's interesting especially since he didn’t even show up until the second season. But what the hell, you can say the same thing about Chekov.

This figure is going for over 100 now, I've even seen it going for even 150. Happily I got it a while back when it was a HELLUVALOT cheaper.

Back when I did that LOST blog about the Kubricks, I showed a picture of a 2-pack of a Jack Kubrick with a LOST logo Be@rbrick. I expressed my dissatisfaction over that choice for the Be@rbrick. My exact words were:

This next shot is of a special edition they released, done in another format they have been doing a lot more of lately, a Kubrick in a 2-pack with a themed Be@rbrick. I'm not all that into Be@rbricks, and sometimes their companion Be@rbrick figure in these packs is cool, sometimes it is just weird. This one falls into the weird category.

I mean, a shiny bear with a LOST logo? LAME. Should have been all white, ala a polar bear, with a DHARMA collar on or a DHARMA logo on it. C'mon Medicom, let's try a little harder to come up with some ideas, 'k?

Now, I had no idea, NONE, that they had already done this. Not long after I wrote that I discovered a LOST Be@rbrick I had never seen before and bought it off of eBay. Here it is...

So, credit where credit is due and my apologies for dissing Medicom on not doing a polar bear. Clearly they already had and the Logo Be@rbrick may have been their only option in that 2-pack.


  1. Never got into this show, but have to hear the people i eat lunch with every thursday analyze it. Sounds good, just no more time in my already busy television life.

  2. Too cool, 'brother'!

    Locke is my favorite LOST character. Ben runs a close second, because of how complicated he is.

    Kubricks are an addiction I've tried to keep away from! But I've got a couple of Japanese Microman/Acroyear ones, and an Evangelion set (with a glowie Adam). And the Black Hole robot Kubricks are always calling out to me with their siren song...

  3. I like Ben as well Ray, as a character. This week's ep was pretty sweet.


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