Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mother Knows Best, Actually

So Bennett's case was 'reviewed' by a bunch of Epileptologists and Neurologists yesterday. Some changes in 'The Plan', though I don't feel like listing them right now, but it does appear to me that all roads are starting to move in the direction of brain surgery for Bennett some time probably within the next few months or less. Can't tell you how freaked out that makes fact, I'm not even gonna talk about it now...need some time to let it sink in.

What is it my Mom has always told me? In mock Latin? Illegitimi non carborundum or some such. Supposed to mean 'Don't Let the Bastards Grind You Down' but it isn't 'real' Latin, mind you, it's a bastardization of it. So to speak. :)

By the way, while we are on the subject of Mom's...they sure as hell know their sons when it comes to getting them to eat. I haven't been eating lately, not like I should, and I am losing weight at a rapid pace. Now frankly this is a good thing for me to be losing weight because due to some general bad living and adding in the munching I did during the months of my smoking cessation I was getting to be one large mufugga, know what I'm sayin'? DAWG?

But you gotta do it the right way, and NOT eating because of stress is NOT the right way. Especially when it starts to make you woozy, lightheaded and see spots.

So my Mom hears about this and sends me something in the mail. And this is what makes Mom's so great...she knew EXACTLY what I would not be able to resist.

Maryland Crab of the greatest single foods in the universe for sure (if prepared properly), and certainly THE food from back home in Baltimore that I miss the most, well...except for just straight-up hard shell crabs, but you can't really MAIL those.

Anyway, thanks Mom, they were DELISH. And thanks to ALL of those people who happen to read the blog and also send over some food from time to time. It's great to sometimes not have to worry about dinner when you are so worried about all of this. Been a TREMENDOUS help.


  1. LOVE crab cakes!! i wanted to lick the screen. ha ha ha. mom's do know best, especially when it comes to feeding their babies (no matter how old they are!)

  2. awwwww.....way to go ken's mom!

    damn I'd totally send you some food but A: it'd never make it over the border and B: I can't ALL. It's sad actually....

  3. Brain surgery is such a scary thoBUT so many kids have done so well afterwards! Wishing the best for Bennett.

    I don't do crab or crabcakes, so I will have to take your word on thir deliciousness.

  4. Brain Surgery: scary but maybe a good thing

    Crab cakes: a really, really good thing

  5. That's big news..Regardless what you all decide to do as far as surgery, at least you'll have that option if he's a candidate. I'm still waiting on that door to open for us.

    What would we do without our moms??! They always know what to do...

  6. Monica:
    Crab cakes are IT. Love them.

    Yeah...just send me something else instead. I love presents. :)

    I'm shocked. As an East Coaster I would have sworn everyone had one...though maybe I am thinking that when you get much farther north than Baltimore or Philly the seafood prep styles start to change very dramatically.

    Yup on both counts.

    Yeah I don't know if the door will open for him or not surgically, it just is starting to look that way, but I could be totally wrong. Here's to hoping it opens for ALL who need it to.

  7. Sucks that you had to pay for the ACTH, that you had to stick needles in poor Bennett, and that it didn't even work, seemed to make things worse, the way I read it.

    Now that it FAILED, and it was a failure, seems to me they should give you your money back, plus some compensation for Bennett for pain and suffering.

    I mean come one, the thing is so expensive and yet it totally bombs?

    Nobody likes surgery (except the plastic surgery freaks), but maybe it'll be the best thing for Bennett, because it might be a final resolution to a continuing problem. Some people don't even need medication after surgery (I only know adults, but must be similar).


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