Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Of Course I Still Buy Kubricks

And you thought that maybe the difficulty I have had of late with my son would keep me from at least keeping my feet wet in the world of block figures? Some things are a part of your very genetic structure, as is my obsessive need to collect SOMETHING. Right now, it's mainly the block stuff. I just can't handle going to TRU or Target and looking at some REAL SHIT right now that is priced at something ridiculous like $7.99. Remember when THIS kind of thing was 7.99? Or even THIS? That wasn't all that long ago.

Yeah sure, Kubrick figures are sometimes a lot more than $7.99. But they tend to retain or gain value. I spend $7.99 or even $10 bucks on a Kubrick (or hell even a lot more), chances are I can probably sell it for around that or more later. I have a simple rule when it comes to what I buy on eBay in the block figure world. I will only buy it if I know that the price I am paying is something I can at least recover if I had to re-sell for whatever reason.

I say 'for whatever reason' because while eBay selling sustained us for a few years, I don't really sell much now. Now that there is a real job again there isn't much of a need to sell. I maintain the eBay store only so that I can make a little extra each month to buy...yeah you guessed it, more stuff. Stuff that, according to the rule above, MUST be able to be flipped if needed.

So where was I? Oh Kubrick items. All these have been picked up I would say in the last 2-3 months, I have photos upon photos of junk I have not shown even though I got the stuff LONG ago. Been too busy with Life. the Star Wars world, added a few chase figures to the collection in the past few months. Picked up the variant version of the Ghost of Old Man Anakin Skywalker (the one played by Sebastian Shaw). Kind of a weird variant to do, since technically he never existed as a man, just as a ghost, but at least it is the 'real' older Anakin and not that horrible re-edit in the 'ghost' scene from Return of the Jedi where they put a young Hayden Christensen in place of Sebastian Shaw. Bastards.

Then of course a Clone Commander, a yellow striped version of the Clone Trooper from Attack of the Clones. I wonder when George will go back in to the Original Trilogy and start colorizing different Stormtroopers so that Hasbro and other companies have more variants to rape the consumer with?

And of course the hardest one to get at a decent price, but my patience paid off big time, the lovely and talented Jedi Master Shaak Ti. Always liked the Shaak Ti design, like it so much on the Kubrick I thought I'd take a shot of the Ken Lilly Stormtrooper Kubrick custom with her. Nifty.

Fun fact...they never show this in the film Revenge of the Sith, but Shaak Ti is actually killed by General Grievous aboard the Invisible Hand, the flagship where the General is holding Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. Remember when Obi-Wan and Anakin go to bust Palpatine out (not knowing that he is actually the bad guy of course)...well in a deleted scene this Jedi Master, Shaak Ti, is killed by Grievous.

Just letting you know in case you ever were watching Attack of the Clones, saw Shaak Ti on the Jedi Council, thought "Hmmm, what a nifty design for a Jedi Master there, George" then never saw her at all in Revenge of the Sith after all that Order 66 shit went down even though you saw how most of the other Jedi get creamed.

Wow...the geek just poured right out of me there for a few minutes, sorry. :)


  1. I must admit to some jealousy. I have none of the chases for the last several series...

  2. I really want a Tarkin and a Veers. And of course that TRU set that never seems to be available, the one with the Snowtrooper.

    What a crappy thing, to make that set so limited.



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