Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Star Wars Kid

No, not the infamous kid who played with a lightsaber and set the Internet ablaze many years ago. I'm talking about my OTHER son, the one that I really don't devote nearly enough time to in this blog (or in real life quite frankly) since he is 100% healthy. I used to write about Carter a lot, back when I was a 'New Dad', but that was what seems like a lifetime ago.

I wanted to try to bond with him a little bit, and I have been doing it by trying to use Star Wars as my bonding agent. This weekend, in the midst of watching for seizures, cleaning, organizing, mowing the lawn and a bunch of other odds and ends, I put in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace in the DVD player for Carter and sat with him to watch it.

Yeah, yeah...I know...you're asking..."Ken? Why in the world would you subject your elder son to the most horrifically awful of the six Star Wars films? Are you INSANE man?"

Well, he has been watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars some of the time, and he seems to be digging it. He had seen a very small snippet from Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith a while ago, seemed to like that too. Likes the character of Anakin. However at the age of nearly 5 he does not quite understand why Anakin Skywalker becomes Darth Vader.

Anyway, I put in Episode I because I thought he would dig the action, I thought he would dig Jar-Jar (which he does) and I thought he would think it was cool to see Anakin as a kid, just like him.

Nope...he doesn't dig that part of it. He kept asking me all kinds of questions...

'Does Anakin have a Light Saver?'

'No, not yet.'

'Does Anakin have a gun?'

'No, no gun, why would he have a gun?'

'When does Anakin fight people?'

'He doesn't fight in this one, he's just a kid.'

'So what does he do then? This isn't fun.'

'He drives a really fast floating car, you'll love it.'

'Well...then does he fight after that?'

Apparently, the kid loves the Jedi fighting. Guess I better remember that.

Overall, he was not as into watching Episode I as I thought, until I went down into a box and found an Anakin Skywalker figure in a Pod Racer and then he sort of got into it. At least later on he asked about watching more Star Wars movies...so the master plan is working for the time being.

Of course, I tried to get him to watch Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (you know, the first one from 1977), which is still hard to top from where I am sitting, but it's a little slow compared to what he is used to. Freakin' fast-paced CGI has sort of ruined the Original Trilogy for the younger generations. Anyway, he was sort of half-interested in it at the time, maybe as he gets more involved in the SW universe he will gain some interest. Hope so. I'll just be happy if he at ONE time in his life can recognize the singular perfection that is Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

He had a question for me while he was watching a couple of scenes from A New Hope, one of which nearly made me do a spit-take with some water I had just started drinking.

'Daddy? Why does everyone have such big hair?'

Ahh...the 70's.


  1. Man...we are a lot alike. I too, within the past 3 months have introduced Dora Diane to Star Wars after she took an interest in the Clone Wars. (Star Wars Lego was a true hit with her as well so she knew a small portion of the plot. We watched IV, V, and then started over with I and II. She really likes them but didn't want to watch the last one until she went back to see the 1st 3. I think so far I have only had to skip through 1 or 2 sections (I forget what caused my protective parent radar.) I don't think I can let her watch III yet though...lots of adult tragedy content, not to mention the legs getting cut off and body on fire stuff at the end. Wish I still had my star wars toys...though you always had more than I.
    Still praying and hopeing for Bennett (and the rest of you guys).

  2. Paige is also 5 and has watched Episode 1 and 4 so far. She LOVES R2-D2. I have one of those dig $100 R2 that does stuff when you tell it to and she treats it like it's real. She hugs it and kisses it, she has it sit up on the sofa with her when she watches TV.

    I think my favorite quote was last year when she was 4. We were out an about some where and there was a lifesized cutout of R2-D2 and C-3P0. She pointed to it and said "Dad! Look! It's R2-D2 and his boy!"

  3. This is awesome...I can't wait to see how my nephew starts to react to this stuff once he's old enough. :D

    So he's already watching the new Clone Wars show, huh? How is that, in your opinion Ken (I really liked the 2D cartoon, but have heard mixed things about the 3D one).

  4. Carter is a cutie pie! You and I must think alike...Just today I was going through some old (REAL old) photos of my two boys playing and was thinking I need to write something about Big Brother....I will have to clear it with him, though, so as not to embarress him....He is 27 and has given out my blog address to all 900 + friends on his Facebook page...I was actually shocked that he thought it was good enough to share! I haven't even shared it but with a few of my OWN friends! Anyway, seems you have a great relationship with both your sons...You are a great daddy...Wish my sons were that fortunate!

  5. Richard:Yeah I probably should not let Carter watch III, but I will. Lots of head chopping and Anakin on fire is intense, but I'll walk him through it. I think he saw a snippet of that Anakin on fire at some point and he did OK. But it's a tough call to decide what is best for them.

    What's funny is that we have more issues from him saying stuff from Spongebob to people at school that gets him into trouble than any violent aggression from SW. That and he can't keep his hand out of his pants, he doesn't like his pee-pee to point downward. I WISH that was my only kid issue in life.

    DanielHis boy...that's hysterical.

    BryanI enjoy the Clone Wars cartoon. It's Star Wars, which to me is like pizza or sex. Even bad pizza or sex is better than NO pizza or sex. And Clone Wars isn't even bad...there are some well written stories in there.

    CynthiaThey have YOU, so they are very fortunate. Sometimes one great parent is all you need. My father left when I was five, saw him a couple of times twixt age 6-9 but after age 10 never saw or spoke to him again.

  6. great minds think alike...right. Of course I'm more into beach bonding than Star Wars...but whatever works!



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