Friday, May 29, 2009

Artists Alley: Dustin Nguyen

Sorry, but still haven't gotten round to the big update this week for Bennett and his appointment locally, will soon though.

Until then, we take another look at one of the many gifted and talented people you can find at deviantART, the website for artists to post their work and participate in an online community. You get the full gambit at DA, from kids just starting out, to guys like me who are sort of in the medium area, to full-on GODS in the professional comic world, like Adam Hughes, Tim Townsend, Jim Lee and others, who put images of their work up, write journals and talk to one another. I also maintain my own deviantART page, which if you ever feel adventurous you can always check it out.

Today I want to introduce you to the work of Dustin Nguyen, who goes by the deviantART name of 'duss005'. Mr. Nguyen is one of those GODS I mentioned in the above paragraph that I re-use to start these AA Blogs...he works primarily for DC Comics, and does a lot of Batman work. His stuff is just...I don't have words for how much I love it. In fact, he is one of the few people in my life that I have paid to draw a sketch for me. I just don't do that often.

Wikipedia has this to say:
Dustin Nguyen is a comic book artist who has worked for DC Comics and WildStorm since 2000. He has since worked on such titles as Jet with Dan Abnett, Wildcats v3.0 with Joe Casey, Batman with Judd Winick, Manifest Eternity with Scott Lobdell, and the latest revamp of The Authority, The Authority: Revolution, with Ed Brubaker. Recently, he was the artist on a six-issue arc of Superman/Batman entitled "Torment", with writer Alan Burnett.

With issue #840, Nguyen became the regular ongoing artist with writer Paul Dini on one of DC's flagship titles, Detective Comics. He enjoys playing Street Fighter.

Take a look at some of my favorite pieces of this AMAZING artist. Click on any of them to view them full size. You's worth it to see the subtlety in his watercolor (which of course are NOT done justice unless you can see one live)...

If you'd like to see more of his talents in action, check out Dustin Nguyen's deviantART page. You'd have to sign up for an account, but it's free and WELL worth your time to have access to his gallery, as well as hundreds of thousands of other pieces of fantastic art!

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