Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Cut Above

If there is one thing I have learned in my 4, coming up on 5 years as a parent, it's this. The right incentive can (sometimes) overcome any obstacle for your kid. Case in point? Carter Maximus Lilly's downright panic attacks over getting his hair cut.

When we even TALK about getting his hair cut? The boy gets uncomfortable. When we get around and close to actually trying to do it? He gets jittery. When we start? He starts to cry and scream. By the end of the experience he is usually trembling like a child who has been through a natural disaster and just witnessed the horrors of humanity. It is the saddest thing...scratch that. It ain't the saddest thing...trust me, I have now seen worse when it comes to my kids. Funny how this whole IS thing changes even how I structure a sentence about everyday life, huh?

But it sucks to see your kids in distress, even over something as silly as a haircut.

Wasn't always like this, no siree. His first hair cut was awesome...I held him in a chair at the Kid Hair Cuttery or whatever its called, and we had a blast. These photos, taken in 2005, confirm that much.

Those were the good old days.

No epilepsy in our lives...

...and happy haircuts.

To get Carter to get a haircut now takes work. It takes incentive. This past weekend he really, really needed a haircut and so we pulled out one of our more impressive incentives. Well, I shouldn't say 'pulled out' because he was in Akron and I was here and the incentive was here, but Jennifer and Mandy did what they do and coaxed Carter into a haircut using this...

...as the promised prize, to be all his upon his return to the sleepy burb that is Columbus.

Ah yes, the Imaginext Bat Cave Playset. Super cool. I love Imaginext stuff, and if I were a kid, this would have worked on me for sure.

Phone rings on Saturday at some point, and it's Carter informing me he got a haircut, with buzzers, and he wanted to know if he could have the Batman prize? I praised him (I truly WAS impressed, no bullshit, that he did not cry or freak out, wish someone had taped that) and said OF COURSE YOU CAN MISTER!!!! I'll even have it out on the table for you so it is the FIRST thing you see when you get home. He was excited. Then he hung up on me. (Didn't mean to, that kind of thing just happens with kids.)

And as promised, when he got home on Sunday, I had it waiting and when he came in I cracked it open for him.

Nice haircut...

AWESOME playset!!!!!!



  1. haha maybe that's what I need...at 32 I'm the same way with haircuts. I'd MUCH rather go to the dentist...

    But if I had batman waiting for me on my return? Might help...

  2. I, too, believe in bribery...Life is too short...And you do what cha gotta do, right?

    Adorable pictures!!!

  3. If he's just getting a buzz cut, could you do it? In the comfort of his own home? This may make him feel more at ease.

    My 3 boys get buzz cuts courtesy of me. Easier AND cheaper. And I'll be honest, I make 'em naked, vacuum them and the floor and then throw them in the tub. All done in about 30 minutes.

    Just a thought!

  4. My hair was VERY long up until last year. My ex coaxed me to cut it VERY short with the promise of a lot more lovin'. As you get to be my age, and every day we worry about losing our hair forever, the list of bribes we will accept to deliberately remove it from our heads becomes very short.

  5. Nice one. Man, I'd go for a bikini wax for a comparable adult toy (God of War 3 on PS3 for example). (On second thought....maybe I wouldn't...)

    Anyway; maybe Carter is afraid you all will one day cut off all of his hair...just like Dad. That would sure scare me (though I'm getting there).

  6. I remember vividly hating (with a passion) to have my hair cut when I was little too. So much so that the hairdresser I used to go to would start sweating whenever he saw me at his door, because he knew there was a lot of crying and screaming going to happen.

    After a while I learned to love it and I tried out almost every haircut I ever wanted.

    But then my bastard hair betrayed me and started falling off, and I have it cut very short for several years, I would have it cut every other week.

    Until one day I got tired of that, and now I just shave my head once a week, at the same time as I shave my beard.

    Right now the only hair present in my head are my eyebrows and eyelashes.


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