Tuesday, May 5, 2009

DO Sweat the Small Stuff

You know, I've done quite a few posts about Kubrick figures, those awesome LEGO inspired block figures from Japan, and as I looked back I realized how little love I have actually given to the OTHER line of block collectibles that I am rambunctious about collecting. That would be MiniMates.

I would say that, with the exception of some odds and ends here, a statue here, a mini bust there, I really do not 'collect' toys and junk the way I used to. Certainly not to a point where I am completing lines and following the hypnotic phrase you find on many of the packages that says 'Collect Them All!' Oh my God it used to be bad...I collected a ton of different lines, most with the mindset of what you would call a 'Completist'.

Times have changed.

Hell, with Kubrick figures I don't even 'Collect Them All!', mainly because they have put out some things that I have zero interest in at all (like some based on some Japanese Anime and stuff) and the other reason would be expense, some of the more niche Kubrick sets are just too expensive for something I care little about as a license.

But MiniMates is the only line, let me repeat that...THE ONLY LINE of action figure style toys that I still have a mentality of getting all of them. Even the shit I care little about, and there isn't much of that actually. But most of the MiniMates are affordable, and some of the older pieces that I might still need to acquire shouldn't be too hard to track down.

I have almost the entire collection of MiniMates, and that is a LOT of different figures and variations of figures. I do not have, of course, the one or two pieces that really should not exist and are FAR too expensive to get nowadays. And at least as a 41 year old man I am smart enough to care less about having.

C'mon, that Gold and Silver Spider-Man thing just shouldn’t have happened. Wasn't fair at all...I mean, that's like making an exclusive figure in such a limited and rare quantity and only offering it as a party favor at your wedding or something. Um...never mind.

So anyway, yeah, I am into MiniMates, have a huge collection, add more to it all the time, and have probably over a hundred that I haven’t even SHOT yet that I will eventually post here within these pages. Aren't you excited?

I've added so many of the 4-packs and 5-packs and new series waves over the past half a year that I was not sure even what to start showing in these pages. But then I thought about how bummed I am that the television series Battlestar Galactica (the newer one) is off the air now as of a few weeks ago. Most people who do not know better cringe when I suggest the Battlestar Galactica show to them, because they remember the 70's series and how cheesy it was. They are right, it WAS cheesy.

But the new BSG had no cheese factor. It was amazing. It was gritty. It was depressing as shit most of the time but it was riveting drama, it just happened to be set in space. Diamond Select has put out many MiniMates based on the current Galactica series, but they also gave all of us fans of the original show full Geek boners when they released not one, but TWO sets of MiniMates based on the original series from the late 70's.

They did one set of some of the good guys, with Apollo, Starbuck, Commander Adama, Boomer and Muffet the Daggit (the robot dog that almost everyone mentions whenever you bring up the old show).

And they did a set with just bad guys that included Baltar, Lucifer, Imperious Leader, a Cylon Centurion and a gold Cylon Centurion Commander.

I know...I know...old news, these sets have been out a LONG time. But what the hell...it's new to SOME people that read this thing. Besides...gotta have something to focus on some times other than seizures and epilepsy and anger and fear and all that crazy shit.

See ya later...


  1. Totally new to me! *wink*


  2. I think I might have the silver Spiderman...and I was thinking of liquidating most of my minimates once I find them.

  3. You wanna know how nerdy I am? I bought 2 of the classic BSG hero sets so I could have even more characters. It's blog I've been meaning to write for about a year.
    Here's what you do to double your fun:

    Classic Cnl Tigh - Boomer head on Adama body

    Starbuck Pilot- Starbuck head on Boomer body.

    Dress Uniform Apollo- Apollo head on Starbuck's body.

    Random Viper Pilot- Adama Head with Viper helmet on Apollo body.

    So if you do all that the only thing extra you end up with is Muffy the Dagget and Adama's cape and hair.

    I have pictures if you want to see them.

  4. DanielleFigured! ;)

    PhilKeep me in mind on that stuff! I want first dibs.

    DanielOf COURSE I want to see the pics!


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