Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Free Toys?

One of my fellow IS Dad's (that's what I call us sometimes, when you happen to be father to a child with IS) is moving. To clear space he is offering up some stuff for free at his website, Marissa's Bunny.

He asked me to spread the word, so I am spreading it like sweet buttah on a crisp, freshly toasted bagel. So go there, read the instructions and see about getting some free toys.


  1. Yeah, great. YOU took all the good crap! (I have a bunch of ST-TNG stuff...but it is out of the box. Is that worth anything these days?) Hey, have you ever looked at my blog?

  2. I actually have requested ZERO toys from Mike. No time actually, and I have most of it anyway.

    I had never checked out your blog, never knew you WROTE a blog. Now I do, now I follow, and now I will be notified anytime you add to it.

    All is good.


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