Saturday, May 16, 2009

Teething? No...He'th Theriouth.

Teething and seizures. Not a pleasant combination. At all.

The past few days have been rough, which is why you haven't seen much Blogzilly action of late. Bennett has been especially cranked up and irritable, could be because of the drugs he takes, but we noticed a few days back that four more teeth, two at the top and two at the bottom, are coming in all at the same time.

That has got to hurt like a BITCH.

Not much to tell you other than that when it comes to Bennett. He is still having seizures every day, no surprise there. It affects me, still, to degrees I never imagined. It has actually been three months as of this week...Tuesday was the 3-Month Anniversary of the first time I saw him have a cluster of seizures, and that's not really a very long time...but it feels like it.

Funny, that Time thing. It feels like we have all lived with this for years. I honestly can't remember what it feels like to NOT feel this way. Weird.

Anyway, yup, he's still seizing, I still feel like shit most of the time, try to steal some positive moments here and there, but mostly I struggle with finding the strength to manage all of this. I'm still hanging on, my arms are just very, very tired.

Some recent pics to share from this week...

He is one cute little boy, no argument on that at all... :)


  1. Since Colby didn't begin with seizures until he was older, we didn't have the double whammy that you are dealing with right now....But whenever ANYTHING is out of whack with our kids, whether it is simply teething or a bad illness, it is magnified a thousandfold because of the seizures....I'll be thinking about you guys...The teething won't last forever, thank goodness...Then you'll be left ONLY with seizures...."ONLY", Ha!!

    Take care...

  2. Well with what I read, that was posted by Colby, seems like you found someone's kid that had symptoms for the first time at an even older age than Bennett, which I know, for a while, you didn't, because every case you knew had started at an age, prior to the one Bennett had at the time.

    Speaking of age, if we can call it that, at this time, they aren't OLD, they are just living.

    But how old is Bennett now?

    And I have to say, things might be going under, your arms might be tired, but you still come up with wonderful titles for each post "Teething? No...He'th Theriouth.", is not only humorous, but perfect. Now I'll seriously start to worry on the day you write regular run of the mill titles, because this ability to write funny, and yet to the point titles, is at the core of the man I know as Ken Lilly.

  3. Not just cute...SUPER cute! That's Bristel's newest fave word...we're using the heck out of it.

    I know it's hard on the heart. But I'm learning that our hearts get large part because our kids are so flippin' amazing!

    I really madly deeply believe speaking with Dr. Rockstar will help. Even over the phone...his compassion drips through...and has a calming effect. For me anyway...*smile*

    btw...I asked the pilot to honk as we zoomed through the clouds over Ohio! So if you heard an airplane beeping...that was for you guys. *wink*


  4. As much as all of this really is hard not to smile when seeing pictures of Bennett. You got yourself one little adorable boy!!! Makes me a little more excited to meet mine (only 7 more weeks to go).

  5. What a beautiful boy.
    Because I am Marissa's nana, I know the emotional, devastating aftermath of IS. Please, remember your own emotional and physical health is so important to maintain. I worry about the parents as much as I worry about the children. Take care of yourself so you can take care of him..

  6. Cynthia:
    Yeah, I'm just blown away that he has what we have now discovered to be FIVE teeth all dropping simultaneously. That is WEIRD.


    Bennett is now 19 months. And I have to give credit where it is due, the 'Teething, Theriouth" thing is from an old 70's sitcom, 'Three's Company', in a scene between Chrissy and Jack Tripper who were forced to babysit some infant.

    SUPER thanks. I'm hopeful about Detroit as well.

    Boys are fun...though I gotta admit, we always wish we'd had a chance to maybe have a girl. We're way too old now, and I don't know that I could handle anything. But you? Amazing strength.

    Thanks...I try to remember me and what I or my wife need, just hard sometimes to keep that in mind. But you know how that is...

  7. Know what you mean. Emma cut four incisors when just after she was diagnosed in January. We were having clusters of up to 28 spasms at a time during teething. She looks like she has no more room for teeth now but my mum says she will get four more before she is done. 26 months now so hopefully she will be done with teething soon - it seems to be that teething is hard enough on kids without the added complication of epilepsy.

    PS no seizures since three days after the surgery - can hardly breathe.


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