Monday, May 18, 2009

Some Random Randomynesslessness

I hate vinyl flooring. Especially the cheap shit. I need to replace this god-awful floor in our foyer and kitchen. Anytime Jen takes the kids away for the weekend I try to mop it with some heavy duty cleaner then with a varnish style cleaner and it still always looks like shit. It's like trying to row a boat with just oars upstream against heavy current. Yeah, you may eventually get to where you need to be, but maybe you ought to next time try a boat with a MOTOR on it.

I would need a floor buffer to do the job right, just don't have that kind of dough. Be better still if I had MAN SKILLS so I could replace the floor on my own.

It's way too easy to be a Steelers fan. A couple of weekends ago, I had NFL Network on in the background, and they were showing some AFC Championship game against the Broncos and the Steelers. I think it was 2005 season where the Steelers won their fifth of their Lombardi trophies, not sure...I was really getting into what I was doing, which was, ironically, mopping the kitchen floor. But it did get me thinking, it's SO easy to root for teams that seem to win a lot or are in the hunt a lot. I think I would have much more admiration on a gut level for, say...a die hard New Orleans Saints fan than a die hard Steelers fan.

Of course, my frustrations in what happens when the Ravens face the Steelers is probably not making that observation very subjective, I know.

I love 'Re-Boots' for the most part. I don't mean the computer kind, I mean when they decide to let a fresh set of eyes look at a franchise, in film or television, and give it a new spin based on more modern sensibilities. It is safe to say that the new Star Trek film can be added to the successful category alongside films like Batman Begins & Casino Royale, or television shows like Battlestar Galactica. It SO could have turned into the Sci-Fi Channel TV Series Flash Gordon or the hugely disappointing Superman Returns, but happily it did not. Saw it last weekend. Been meaning to actually write about it, it was that good, but haven't gotten around to it yet.

So if you haven't watched the season finale of LOST yet stop reading. LOST is now over for the year, and I am SUPER bummed that this coming Wednesday there is not going to be a new episode to look forward to. I gotta admit, that I am really not happy that next year is the final season. All the shows I have LOVED are gonna be gone after next year, and there will be no new ones to date that can pick up the slack of The Shield, BSG, LOST, The's a bleak TV landscape. Need some NEW SHOWS to get hooked on. I've heard good things about Fringe, maybe I will give that a look-see.

In the meantime, take a look-see at Elizabeth Mitchell. I hope somehow she makes it to next season. Even though they left everyone's fate sort of up in the air, they left hers the MOST up in the air as far as will she actually have survived all that hatch/bomb shit. I surely hope so...


  1. I have to admit, I've lost patience with Lost. We haven't watched it in weeks thought it is still on the DVR. Fringe is great. Make sure you go back and watch the older episodes though so you can attempt to understand what's happening now. Or maybe I need to go back and re-watch so I can understand :)

    Jeff and I do 90% of our own home renovation stuff. We generally hate each other at the end of a project. The easiest flooring we have ever done is laminate floor. If you are starting with a flat surface it's a pretty easy job. They literally just snap together.

  2. The season finale of Lost was better than Wolverine AND Star Trek (I think). I was riveted the entire time. You're right, they need new shows to replace the good ones going off the air.
    There a few coming, not sure how good they'll be. Have you heard of NBC's DAY ONE?
    ABC has got FLASH FORWARD coming this fall.
    Maybe one of these shows will stick, and I don't mean like s#!+ on a shoe.
    I need to check out Fringe too. I've always liked Joshua Jackson, so maybe it's watchable.
    Yes, I will miss Julia if she doesn't come back to Lost next season. She's awesome.

  3. LOVE Fringe. Actually the hubs works for a software company...and they were all excited because Fringe used some of their equipment for an episode.

    Speaking of the hubs...he lacks "man skills" too! lol And we totally need a new kitchen floor!

    I loved your random-y-ness. Helps to think about other stuff...ya know...



  4. Yeah. You should get on board with Fringe. I would pit ANY episode of Fringe against the whole First SEASON of Dollhouse and Fringe would win every time. It's quite good... I think if you're an X-Files guy you will dig Fringe.

    I don't think Juliet will be back on LOST unless it's a one off flashback thing. She's already got her next project lined up... and if I'm not mistaken I BELIEVE it is the reboot of "V"... We'll see how that shapes up.

  5. Jen:
    Many people have given up on LOST. To me it is still brilliant, but I can see how many would bail.

    I've heard about both shows, as long as they aren't watered down LOST wannabes, then maybe....

    Another Man-skill-less Man? Didn't know there were others of my kind out there.

    Hmmm, so far Fringe seems to keep coming up. I'll pick up the DVD on Season 1 when it comes out.

    A 'V' Reboot huh? Could be cool, as long as they don't dwell in a 'Cylons look like us now' place and try to copy that vibe.


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