Monday, May 25, 2009

When it Rains...

Memorial Day was going to be just a cookout/visit with family over at my wife's Mom's house. That's what most people do, that's what we like to do on Memorial Day. Eat burgers and hot dogs, fly the flag, play some Cornhole and all that good stuff.

As Life has been teaching me lately, things just don't seem to go as planned these days.

Jen's sister, Mandy, came down to Columbus (they live in Akron) with her husband Brian, and their two kids...Jackson and his younger brother Anthony.

Meet my nephew Jackson...

And his younger brother Anthony...called 'Tee-Tee' by many...

On Sunday, Jackson's asthma started to get bad. SUPER bad. Brian took him to the Urgent Care, but things were worse than they thought and so where did they end up? guessed it...Nationwide Children's Hospital, same place where we spend so much time with Bennett.

And that's where they are at the time of this writing, which is around noon-ish on Monday. They had to admit him for overnight and he may even be there again tonight. They need to get his oxygen levels back up and are having a hard time. He's in no severe danger from what I understand, but they need to keep an eye on him and figure out how to change his medication to help him with this.

Lately, the pollen count has been out of control, probably helped to exacerbate his situation. I know last week even though it wasn't actually up to the point where it was hot enough to kick the A/C in, I closed up the house probably for the next few months, because I just can't live my day sneezing 40 times in a row and scratching my eyeballs out. And I know high pollen counts can wreak havoc on asthma sufferers.

So hopefully everything will be OK and he can be released from the hospital on Tuesday. I think the actual cookout part of the day is still happening. Jen took Carter over and help her Mom, and I am here watching Bennett. He had a serious group of seizures a little while ago and is sleeping it off. Got some on a short video with my camera, but haven't loaded it in yet...I'm in the kitchen writing on the laptop. The desktop computer has all the stuff to get junk in and out, as far as picture and video loading.

Oh I forgot to mention that...picked up a laptop last Friday. Was needed. I have to be able to do some work and watch Bennett at the same time on some days, and this area down here is childproofed, but my office is not. That, and the need to travel and possibly be gone a long time for hospital visits or even for work, it was time to get the laptop. Haven't had one since I worked at Palisades, been a few years.

This one is NICE...and it was fairly inexpensive. The last one I had was a Mac, so it was incredibly overpriced. But this one was reasonable and is SICK with memory and capacity.

So that's our Memorial Day basically, not much else to report on. I'll be digging in to some burgers in a few hours, after Bennett wakes up and is ready to go. He usually sleeps at least 2-3 hours after a set like that though. But then I gotta bring him back here, while Jen takes Carter up to see Jackson at the hospital. There'll be a LOT of babysitting for me today. And seizure watching and monitoring sleep.

Something is making that a lot more bearable today though. The super awesome Land of the Lost marathon on the Sci-Fi Channel.

I loved that show as a kid, and it is SO freaking cheesy watching it as an adult. It's still a great concept, and I think the film coming out should be fun. Taking a comedy approach was probably the best way to go with it, despite the fact that the original show was not intended to be funny, it was just a kid's show. But it was such a high concept idea for a kids show at the time, and I did love it. Came out in the early 70's I think I was around 6 or 7 when it started. And in those days we ONLY had cartoons on a few channels to choose from, so you watched what you could get in on the rabbit ears antenna. DVD, DirecTV, DVR, hell even BETAMAX or straight-up VCR's hadn't been wildly available yet.

Now, let's just get them to make a film adaptation of H.R. Pufnstuf and I can die a happy man. Doesn't hurt to hope... :)


  1. I forgot about Pufnstuf!

    Here's hoping Jackson is ok real soon.

  2. The pollen count has been horrible here, too. Our oldest broke out in hives & blister, which she's never done before, and has to keep her inhailer handy.

    The LAND OF THE LOST marathon was great! My kids both liked it, but what they heck was going through Sci-Fi's collective mind by promoting DRAG ME TO HELL during what should have been kids' fare...?

    - Ray

  3. So sorry to hear what happened with your nephew. Hope he's doing much better...

  4. I sure hope Jackson is doing better...My nephew spent the day in the ER as well...Allergic reaction to antibiotic...Was pretty bad, but he's fine now...

    LOVE the laptop...I actually have one I use when I have to be right by Colby during seizures...It is one I inherited from my Daddy...IT is not a good one and has lots of "issues", but it helps pass the time while I am on seizure patrol in his little pillow area....

    And I had a secret crush on the brown-headed little guy! Wasn't his name Jack Wild? Boy, that brings back memories!

    Memorial Day here consisted of seizures and TV...Seizures change everything...


    PS: I have no idea what "cornhole" is....


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