Thursday, May 28, 2009

You Can't Handle The Tooth!

Well said, Jack, sort of. Always loved you in that movie.

My blog for Thursday morning was GOING to be about our visit with Dr. Epileptologist #2 for the first time yesterday morning at the hospital. But then I got back after that hour and a half appointment (plus travel time) and realized I had a LOT to say about the experience. BUT, I also only had less than HALF my day left to try to get some actual work done, and there is stuff that needs to get done. Then I had some other chores to try and hit in the evening, with very little time left for bloggage.

But fear not, oh devoted reader of Blogzilly, I have been meaning to tell you about Carter's tooth. About a year ago, he smacked his left front tooth into something, I can't even remember what. Been loose ever since. Naturally, as he approaches the age of 5 his adults are starting to move around in there, and pressure is being placed on the baby teeth.

So a couple of days ago, Monday morning I believe, Jen is brushing Carter's teeth and flies the accursed tooth out of Carter's mouth and on to the floor. There was a little blood, but no real pain since it was ready to go and Carter was more fascinated than scared. Which was a shocker to me, since he does not handle any blood well at all. (Takes after the old man.)

Anyway, here he is, showing off his new gap.

Yes, we perpetuated The Lie and told him to put the thing on his nightstand (under the pillow is just GROSS) and in the morning there was a prize waiting there. Hell...might as well keep him young for as long as I can, especially since I seem to be aging 30 days for every actual day that passes. :)


  1. I'm almost 33 years old, and I still have a baby tooth. The adult one was taken out in surgery and the baby one still holds. If it keeps holding I'll put a crown on it so it looks like the others.

  2. Ah, now he looks like an authentic pirate. Real pirates don't have all their teeth... and they don't change diapers either.

  3. I know that movie well! Good one.

    So what was his prize?? I always got 4 quarters taped together. My nephew once got a 20 dollar bill for a molar. Must be more than one tooth fairy!

  4. I LOVE toothless grins! Makes for great pics!

    Gotta say...I'm cheap AND lazy. Bristel's STILL asking when the tooth fairy's gonna leave her something for the one she KNOCKED outta her head! Now I'm feelin' all guilty n' stuff...and Lord knows the way she lost that one she deserves a prize!

    Oh...and I got a cute new summery cut. And now all the girls at support group are you look 10 years younger!

    Perhaps it's time for a new do? *wink*


  5. Telmo:
    You always have fascinating stuff to say. :)

    The hat was just photographic good fortune. Just happened to be wearing it when the tooth popped out.

    I gave him an Anakin Skywalker Galactic Heroes Figure. I had to come up with something fast that I knew he would want. He's into Clone Wars lately.

    I guess I should go back to my old profile pic. Yes, I would LOVE a new 'do' actually. I've wanted it for YEARS. :)

  6. Ken: My body is a wonder of science, as in "they wonder how it works" because they don't really know.

    I guess in many ways, I'm living hope for people who have sick kids. I've been told so many times "you're going to die", or at least had something severely wrong with me, and yet I'm still here. Sick? Yes, but alive.

    Plus duct tape is a wonderful thing to keep a body together. But for the teeth, there is nothing like superglue.

    If I reach old age, I see myself in the senior's center, telling them all how I'm the only one there with a baby tooth. And they'll all die of jealousy.

  7. Hmmmm...I don't're rockin' the gorilla look. *wink*


  8. LOVE the pictures! He is just SO ADORABLE!!! And he looks SO PROUD!

    My tooth story about Colby is not near so cute...After his permanents came in, a kid at school turned his wheelchair over(on purpose!), and he landed on his face still strapped into that heavy chair! Broke off the corner of this top front tooth! Tried the bonding thing twice, and both times it broke off...So...Now it is just part of his personality...

  9. what a cute little pirate! I still remember to this day, my brother knocking out one of my baby teeth in the middle of a furniture store because i wouldn't quit wiggling my loose tooth at him. hmmm, this is the same brother that broke my collar bone playing cops & robbers. why did my parents ever leave me alone with this kid??? ha ha ha, i guess that is what happens when your kids are 7 years apart.


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