Friday, June 12, 2009

Another Step Towards Kicking Childhood Epilepsy's Ass

Not for Bennett, mind you...this is about something else. Sorry if you had any kind of false glee from the title.

One of my IS Sisters (I love that term by the way, I may coin it) sent me a link to another good research article. The information in it isn't gonna matter much in the care of my own son, but I'm just happy to see ANYTHING that shows that people actually give a shit and are trying to cure this problem.

Rutgers Research Tackles Childhood Epilepsy

Bring on more mice! WOOHOO!

And for your viewing pleasure, wouldn't want to have you just stuck with boring old TEXT, check this out. One of my Regular Sisters, or Good-Female-Friend-Who-Is-Not-Connected-To-Me-Because-Of-Infantile-Spasms sent me this. She sends me a lot of funny stuff, this one...hit my G-spot. That's GEEK spot people! Jeez, gutter minds...don't make me show another photo of a head up someone's butt. You know I'll do it too...

Don't be fooled, I am NOT in a good mood today. This is my insanity speaking through my blog, I am actually having an awful day emotionally but feel rather giddy about it. I'm guessing that's a beginning of slipping into some kind of dementia.

Oh and one other thing...sorry about the head/butt pic, sorry about the cursing. It has been brought to my attention that I can be very offensive in my blog. Hey...I'm just being me, and I can be a little raw...but if you think I should get in line, march to the tune of The Man, lemme know. I'm anxious to hear if you think I should pull it back some.


  1. Ummm, last I checked we still were guaranteed freedom of speech.

    Part fo what makes your blog is the raw, honest emotions. Don't pull back. Just be you.

    of course if it's your MOM making the comment, do whatever she says, moms are always right ;) At least I am trying to teach my kdis that!

  2. I REALLY need to spell check, sorry!

  3. I agree with you. I enjoy the rawness of your blog. Brings the situation you are going through a little more real for those, me, that don't have any experience with IS....

    Thanks for being YOU!

  4. All I can think of is:

    "Poor Mark Hamilton"!

    Stuck as being the voice of Joker while his coworker gets to be Indiana Jones and actually have a career.

    That's an awesome picture.

  5. What makes your post even more poignant Phil is that it is Mark Hamill. Now, I know you know that deep down, but it's still hysterical that you typed it wrong.

    Jen and Adesta, thanks...appreciate the comments. No spell checks required!

  6. I got a much needed giggle from the pics today! Thanks...

    By the way, Jen's right...freedom of speech. It doesn't bother me..I like that you're honest.

  7. Dude...if it's any consolation I have ZERO butts & cussing on my blog...and people have still made sure to let me know how offensive I am! Too pessimistic for some.

    And...I MADE Jonathan read your last post...just for the butt pic. That was a very groady disgusting kinda way!


  8. Well I must be particularly tick-skinned because I've never been offended by anything you posted.

    You post it, the way you feel it, and that is ever so important, for you, and for us. For you to get it off your system, for us to have a shard of a window to how you really feel.

    JSmith5780: Change to Firefox it comes with spell check already integrated!

  9. Hamill! I meant that of course...:)

  10. I find your ability to express yourself to be, well, more than well executed, more often than not compelling, extremely insightful and astonishingly amuzing in the face of that awful monster IS. I find your graphics great and have often wondered how you find them. A tribute to your creativity and intelligence. I would only be offended to know that you tried to tone it down for a few people who have the option of visiting other blogs and listen to "inspirational" music as they read. My goodness, compared to me, you do a good job of controlling how you express some very raw emotions.

  11. Ykes! I think I just used more foul language trying to purchase two items in the self service lane at the grocery store than you have used collectively. Want to guess my stance on your presentation?

  12. I'm Irish so language does not bother me at all but I would say artistically that the head in the butt was distracting from the very important message you were trying to convey. Its the delicate balance between freedom of speech and having your words connect with the widest audience.

  13. Please DO NOT pull back.I find the authenticity refreshing and your pictures and graphics make me smile and laugh,two things I am in much need of lately.IS brings out the worst in us and at the same time we see the best come out of people during this most trying and frustrating time.I try ans end my evening with a check in here last.Keep it up.I thank you for it all.

  14. Holli:
    Free speech it is...though I do sort of agree with Sinead...see below.

    No one can resist the butt...

    Might want to get that tick-skin checked out by a doctor.

    Anonymous #1:
    Very true indeed. And thanks, appreciate that.

    Anonymous #2:
    Point taken.

    You know, I actually do kind of agree with you. The head in butt pic didn't settle well with me. I never had an issue before with myself using the F-word, talking about hot women and stuff, always was cool with it. But that one image actually DID give me much pause. Not that it was offensive or anything, it's just freaking weird and you are right, it does pull one out of the moment. I think that was my intent actually, but I think my intent was misguided.

    Anyway, I totally get where you are coming from and I wrestled with it too. I'll probably be more aware of stuff like that in the future.

    With the exception of what I just said, I will always try to be myself if I can, and part of that is a twisted sense of humor. Maybe no more head in butt photos, but certainly anything else.


  15. My 88-year old mother absolutely understood the point of the photo in the context in which it was used. Let's just move forward and cross reference as needed. Because I am my mother's daughter, I don't understand the issue. Go with your feelings, Ken.

  16. If you change ANYTHING, I will sadly have to delete your site from my favs....Take it from a "seasoned" warrior....Too many sugar coat this life we live...That's why there is not more understanding in this world of our's....

    So stay out there and continue to get in the faces of your readers...They (we) LOVE it and NEED it!!!


  17. I would hate to offend anyone in my blog. But I figure that those I offend will read less and eventually go away, that is their right, just as personal expression is my own. Also, your not cursing at THAT would offend me you SOB! I've never been offended by you...but you already know that about me.

    About the was painful to see...I didn't study it long enough to be offended.


  18. Never be sorry about something you say or put on your blog. That is how you are feeling at the moment. You are real. Your emotions are real. You write from your heart. People have connected with you because of your honesty. Like Brandon said the first time he read your say what everyone else thinks but is too afraid of saying.

  19. Anon:

    I get it...and yeah, it's actually pretty mild overall.

    Understood, and I always do remember what you told me about Brandon's initial reaction.


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