Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

I've written three rather long blogs today about Father's Day and they all got deleted.

By me.

They were just too freakin' down. So I'll keep it simple.

Happy Father's Day Dad...


  1. Hey, at least you tackled it...I'm not ready to do that yet. Ahhh, the sins of our fathers! (God help us if we live long enough to see what our own children write...)
    Always following and praying.

  2. Happy Fathers Day, Ken.

    For what it's worth - I think you are an awesome person and a great dad. I KNOW you'll mentally or verbally point out why I might be pulling your leg, but I'm serious. Why? BECAUSE you can list those things. What's the first stage of any recovery? Admitting you have an issue. That means that you are willing to work on it - that means growth not stagnation and that makes you a GREAT dad.

    Happy Fathers Day and may they just get better and better as the years go by.

  3. Happy Father's Day Ken .. I think your one incredible dad.Your love for your family shines through,even and most especially on those really crappy days.Loved your walk down re-run lane.Love,loved Miss Piggy! Miss her.This post perfect.Sad,sad day for me.My dad is still here but not here ..if you know what I mean.

  4. Happy Fathers Day.

  5. Happy Belated Father's Day, Ken.

  6. Happy belated Father's Day! Thank you for blogging and sharing your emotions from the paternal side.

    Hope Bennett's days have been better!

  7. Happy father's day to you Ken,
    You are one incredible DAD.

  8. Happy Father's Day!!

    Hope you had a great day with the boys!!

    P.S. Better late than never! ;-)

  9. Richard:
    Don't know that I've tackled anything. I think it's still running down the field towards the end zone somewhere.

    Thanks dude. You pulling my leg? :)

    Glad you liked the Piggy, I ought to show some of my IS Family all the crazy stuff I used to work on. Some fun times on some fun toy lines.


    You too buddy. It's your first on the flipside!


    Appreciate that!

    Yup, appreciate you taking the time!

  10. Well, once again, you showed that you are smarter than me...I DIDN'T delete my attempt on Father's Day...And I was miserable for two days! I really don't think it was worth it...

    I should have just posted a beautiful, simple photo like you did....

    Your dad was a handsome man...I know he would be so proud of you and how you are conducting yourself....

    Hope you had a good day with your beautiful wife and boys...


  11. I still remember when you actually found out.

    I have to say, I never celebrated Fathers Day. My father is alive and well, and living not 20 minutes away, but we never seem to talk, even when we do talk, it's always a very "distant" thing.

    All I can say for the man, is that he did something my mother is yet to do, he admitted his responsibility in the problem he, along with my mother, caused me. That were just simple words, but that made me feel he finally understood some things.

    But he still has very little interest in me, and I have to say I have very little interest in him.

    My maternal Grandfather was much more my father that, the man genetics considers my actual father.


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