Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Muggs Are Still Mighty, Though My Spirit Be Weak

Yes, though I am often weakened in spirit and doing the backstroke in the Pool of Despair, I still live my life and look for those few moments of joy to hang on to. It's interesting to note what some of those chewy bits of goodness are...

Sometimes it is a stolen smile and giggle from Bennett when I nub-nub his neck.

Sometimes it is eliciting a laugh from my other son Carter, who, while riding in to Day Care this morning, thought it was the funniest thing in the world that I referred to his breakfast treat as a 'Pop Fart'.

Sometimes it's the look of appreciation I see in the face of my wife when she opens up the door to a room she expected to find wrecked and sees it totally picked up and clean, courtesy of yours truly. (Yeah I know...but shit changes when you are married for a while.)

Sometimes it's the re-assuring words of a friend, a boss, a family member, a total stranger, that provides me with JUST the right amount of nourishment I need to get me through the next few hours, maybe even the whole day.

And sometimes it's MIGHTY MUGGS, bitches! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out some of the recent items I have added to my MIGHTY collection.

This one cost me a little more than I wanted, but it was the last one I needed to complete my collection of Indiana Jones Mighty Muggs. Ladies and Gentleman...I give you Professor Henry Jones!

Now that one was a photo that I took myself a while back. These next ones are not my pics, but that's just because I don't have the time to shoot them AND it looks like I may be in need of a new digital camera. My old faithful that I have been using for product photographs, family shots and all that for all these years (since Carter was born) looks like it is dying.

Also added to the Mighty Collection are Baroness and Destro, both from G.I. JOE. With that turd of a movie in all kinds of rumor hell about it being a suck fest I'll bet there aren't going to be a lot more released in this particular sub-series.

And lastly, the new Star Wars MM's I recently acquired. Sadly, I hear that the Star Wars Mighty Muggs line is canceled completely.

Sniff...I think that sucks. Yeah, they have done a lot of characters, but there are some holes that I really wanted to get filled, not the LEAST of which were all the bounty hunters, Imperial Officers and such. Oh well.

Not sure if Hasbro is continuing the Marvel line for Mighty Muggs or if Mighty Muggs as a whole is going to stop production. In a way, I don't mind if they do, they are SUPER large for a vinyl designer style collectible, so I don't even display these anywhere as a full collection. Be nice to see a few more obscure Marvel guys, but if its over, I am cool with it.

Still hunting for a good price on this one...

...just ain't ready to pay what it is usually going for on eBay these days.


  1. The Destro mugg is really awesome, but I haven't come across the Baronness yet, nor any of the Indy muggs past the initial 3, which is a shame, I would have liked to have seen more come from that line.

    As a whole, it wouldn't surprise me if the line ends, since it more or less surprised me that Hasbro started them in the first place. Definitely sadden about the SW muggs coming to an end, but I guess it works since I don't have any more space for them, on display or in storage.

  2. I have been hestitant about the 20.00 price tag but have you seen the Hellboy Mez-Itz. Seriously thinking about buying it to add into the Mighty Mugg shelf.

  3. I'm kind of glad I purposefully didn't get into these - I don't really have the space :)

  4. I really love mighty muggs. Just wish they were a little smaller. I need to get Serpentor. I've always loved him. He'd look great next to my Cobra Commander.

  5. Taylor:
    Best part is ELECTROPLATED. All shiny and shit...LOVE THAT.

    I haven't seen the Hellboy Mez-Itz, not any larger ones anyway, I used to have the smaller ones and they were nifty, but I am more into the stuff that is deco-specific over simple shapes rather than sculpture-specific.

    Good call. I probably will dump all mine at some point too. But on the other hand, same could be said of most of what I used to ravenously collect. Except my Kubricks and MiniMates, I tend to hold on to those like they are enriched uranium.

    Yeah smaller would be better. Did they make a Serpentor?

  6. Yep. GI*JOE wave 3. Not sure when it's supposed to be out.

  7. Hey I actually saw these in Target this weekend. Not sure if they just started carrying them or if I just noticed them (I try to steer the kids OUT of toyland), but I thought of you immediately.

  8. Thanks...yeah Target has had them a while, but they do have an exclusive set that might be on an endcap. Most of the Mighty Muggs line is ending sadly...but the good news is that I might actually be working on a new vinyl line that is pretty exciting to me.


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