Saturday, June 6, 2009

New Article on Animal Models for IS Treatment

A very interesting new article about research on the treatment of Infantile Spasms.

Findings In Epilepsy Gene In Animals May Guide Treatment Directions For Infants

Very cool. I had discussed the lack of good animal models about three weeks ago with a doctor, and this is terrific news. Any PETA types probably should just not read it...yes indeed, they are using animals and mutating them to give them horrible diseases to figure out ways to treat humans.

Funny...I used to have a VERY different opinion on Animal Testing. But when you have a sick child of your own, kind of changes one's perspective. I think I might still be against it when it comes to finding a cure for baldness or figuring out how to make boobs bigger or some shit like that, but when it comes to life-saving cures to serious diseases, I'm fine with it.


  1. Amen! ONLY test to save lives...or at least to treat devestating diseases!!! But PLEASE...AT LEAST TRY!!!

    I know y'all have lots to process before you post details on the trip...Take you time....It must be overwhelming....

    Try and get some rest! y'all deserve it!!!


  2. My prayers continue...Dora Diane found me reading your brief blog last night and asked what I was doing. I told her I was reading about my friend and she asked, "Is it about Bennett?" He is on her mind as well.

  3. On topic...kinda...

    I'm dying to see the movie My Sister's Keeper. I asked J if we knew that having another baby could save Trevy's life...without sacrificing the other child's of course. What would we do...'s not even a question. Don't be cruel. But find a freakin' cure already!

    Thanks for the link...I'm too zonked tonight...but couldn't resist the comment. Never too tired to comment. *smile*

    I've been hoping all day that you guys are resting...and recooping... Hospital trips (local even) always kick our boots!



  4. I feel the same way... I am continuing to pray for B and your family...

    Here's to hoping Vig. works!!
    I've got my fingers crossed!

  5. Heck, forget animals...i'm at the point of frustration that I'd let them test on ME if they could!!

    Danielle, I sooo want to see that movie, but I know I would probably be a big blubbering mess right now.

  6. Cynthia:
    Posted the details, such as they were.

    Thanks my friend.

    Go for it!

    What is 'My Sister's Keeper?' Never heard of it.

    Mine too.

    Connor's Mom:
    (I gotta get your name in my memory bank)...great quote, and yeah, they can test it on me too.


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