Friday, June 5, 2009

Reply Hazy, Try Again

OK, so I am very beat from a long day of travel and appointments, hell, it's been a VERY long week. Feels like a month.

But I know many people count on this for reports, so I am gonna give the short version and then spend some time with Carter and the family.

We went to Detroit to see Dr. Chugani to find out if the local diagnosis was correct and to see if Dr. Chugani thought Bennett was a candidate for surgery to correct his problem. The answer is not a simple yes or no, come to find out. The diagnosis is correct, there is a large cortical dysplasia in Bennett's left temporal lobe. Is that the only issue or problem? Is that the only area of his brain that is causing his seizure activity? Not entirely sure.

There were some suspicious things that were seen on the PET scan on the right side of Bennett's brain, but Dr. Chugani wasn't sure if they were really an issue for Bennett or not after he physically examined Bennett and his development. Some additional testing and study will be needed in order to determine whether or not surgery will be the ultimate answer.

So, essentially, for now, the plan is still the same, to try Vigabatrin and see if that helps to stop the seizures. The plan is to give the drug around one month. After that, we would then have to decide if Detroit would be the location of the 'possible' surgery, and if it is, then we would set up the extra testing there first to make certain of his eligibility for the surgery and then proceed with that testing.

So the answer isn't no, the answer isn't yes. The answer is just like the Magic 8 Ball says it is...Reply Hazy, Try Again.

So let's just take the next steps and keep going.

Got tons to write about, my observations and such, but I'm just tired. I promise I will get to it. I also am going to not allow comments on this post, just because I don't need to have them here. The truth is there really is no comment to be said by people, since I have only scratched the surface of what was discussed and not much has really changed at this point.

My spirits are OK, my mental state is fine. I held it together all week. You'll note the lack of emotion and passion in this writing...that is not typical for me. Honestly? Not really sure how I feel. Gotta process it.

More later...

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