Monday, June 8, 2009

Some Pictures from the Detroit Trip

For those of you that have Facebook and have become my Facebook pal, these pics are old news. I posted an album with some shots, and decided to put some of them up here for people like a certain someone who sends me 'Engrish' pictures but still lives in the Dark Ages of computers and is not ON Facebook.

Anyway, let's get right down to the photos, shall we? As usual, clicking on the pic gives you a larger pic to look at. If that's your thing.

We found a 3-day mid-week deal on a great hotel. We stayed in the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. I didn't take a lot of shots in the room, but these are two of Bennett enjoying the hallway in the room and the giant mirror. We wanted to stay in a nice place since there was going to be a LOT of time with Bennett recovering from the sedatives. We are SO glad we was comfortable and spacious and since we haven't taken any form of vacation whatsoever since 2006 we figured it would be a nice thing to do for us, too.

LOVE the bathroom of this place, and the sink was the perfect size for Bennett to get a bath pre-admission since there was no bathtub, just a multi-faucet shower stall bigger than my closet in the Master Bedroom. HUGE.

Of course, it wasn't really about a nice room. It was about medical testing at the hospital. There are truly no words to describe to people who have not gone through stuff like this how awful it is to see your kid getting leads put on, especially those kids who do not like to be restrained. Of course, watching seizures is awful too, but you get my drift.

Bennett did OK in this round of Video Monitored EEG. He was fairly sleepy a lot of the time, which was good, and the times he was awake we managed to keep him entertained. I do often wish he could be entertained by any DVD or TV, but he just doesn't watch anything on a screen. He'll glance at it, look occasionally, but nothing makes him just sit and watch. Kid wants to run and move.

Once we got back to the room, he felt MUCH better. This was after the leads came off and a PET Scan was performed. He still had some redness to his face and he was groggy as all hell, but we were ALL glad to be out of the hospital to get some real rest before the following day and our meeting with Dr. Chugani.

That's pretty much the highlight reel. Any other pics you can see on my Facebook page.


  1. As one of those people in the "dark ages", thanks for sharing the pictures on here :)

    Actually I do have an fb account I just couldn't tell you the last time I was actually on fb. I can only access from home and my compuer time at home is extremely limited.

    Bennett sure is a cutie!

  2. Thanks for posting them here.

    I don't have a FB page either...maybe someday...after my three girls turn 18 and are all out of the house and I have time to myself on the computer....that should be in about oh 18 yrs! lol

  3. Ok, i'm going to have to look you up on FB!! Because I love pictures, & can't handle being deprived of them.

    The 3rd picture of little man is absolutely precious. well, as precious as a kid in EEG garb can look. =-) it's nice to see Mrs. blogzilly too.

  4. Sad to say, our kids make really cute patients.

  5. Jen...come towards the light! I thought face book was creepy...cause all the creepy peeps from my past were the first to find me. But now it's kinda fun.'s nice to connect on a more whimsy level with the other IS mommies (and daddies) I know.

    Ken...but he SURE is cute!


  6. I'm not in the dark ages, but I do forget that I am, a lot, so I don't use the "new world" on technology as much as I should.

    These pictures are so, SO, so different from the seizure videos. And I have to say I have to confess I expected him to be much less active, and much more "out of it".

    This kid will make it.
    People call me "The Hood of the Devil" and I'm hopeful, how can anyone not be?

  7. HEY new follower of my Madie! :) Oh gosh to go into madies journey would got alot of reading to do!! hee hee
    Ill keep checkin on ya now.
    Madie will be 3 in Oct...she is still not walking which is my biggest concern but has been virtually seizure free...90 percent I say...since Halloween..
    I DO have facebook too...scroooollll down on my blog and ask to be my friend...lots of pics on there...a good humorous side of me...eeek!
    Well I will do my best to catch up on your story. :)

  8. Well ... your Bennett is certainly a doll.HATE to see another little love wrapped in the mummy head wrap.ABSOLUTELY HATE IT.Thank you for stopping by and saying hi and if I have missed you before,forgive me but as you might have seen ... Miss Zoey has kept us very busy!!!Yes IS and the world of seizures are just one component of this very complicated, very magical child.We have done Vig. and ACTH and finally have gained,miraculously, seizure freedom on Topamax.We know how bless she is .We are.But in the process, IS robbed her of alot that we or rather she, will never recover.Still pissed about that.Got to be honest.I look forward to following your journey with Bennett.Hoping desperately that seizure freedom comes soon.I entered the world of blogging because of this insidious disorder and have gained such lasting friendships and support because of it.Jude,Reagan,Dawson and Sophie were some of our first friends and continue to be our lasting confidants and for that,we know we are blessed.Thank you for sharing your sweet son and allowing us to tag along on this very personal and often very painful journey.I'll be back ... next time not so long winded!!

  9. Hey Ken,

    As bad as this ordeal is, I see the smile on Bennett's face in some of those pictures and I just sense that things will turn out for the best. He is such a beautiful little boy.

    Travis (Xander)

  10. Jen:
    Facebook is great just for having all my little groups of folks in one spot that I can have access to at the drop of a hat. Got my IS people in one category, my work people in another and so on. And it's awesome just to see updates on people.

    Yeah, my kids are both too young so we have the computer all to ourselves!

    Thanks for the FB add. Great to see such a large group of pics consolidated of Connor.

    Yeah, you know what? I think I should organize an IS calendar with each month being one of our kids and have proceeds go to IS research or something.

    Thanks...did I tell you how much Jen (my Jen, not the Jen here) loves Trevor's hair? See, she has this thing about thick curly-ish hair since there is not a lot of hair in this house. Well, unless you count my back.

    I am going to try to post more fun pics and videos to show the differences, though I will still keep uploading the seizures to have access to how they change.

    Thanks for the FB add and the comments. Madie is super cute!

    No apology necessary at all. AT ALL. It is sometimes hard to keep everyone straight as far as our online community is concerned. Zoey is another cutey! All these cute kids, it's wild.

    Thanks dude, appreciate you stoppin' by. And yeah...when he smiles and laughs it can really make all the difference for me having a good day or a bad one.

  11. Re: Hair comment

    I just choked on my whopper junior w/ cheese. Don't make me laugh while I'm eating!

    Jeff is thinning rapidly on top and I joke that it's just sticking to his back as it falls!


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