Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Artists Alley: Kenneth Lilly

Weren't expecting THAT one, were ya?

I'm tellin' you...this week I am feeling particularly freaky-edge-of-madness and I cannot really explain why. I KNOW that this coming weekend is not going to yield anything other than more waiting and more frustration, I know that it will be more of the same, more days of watching Bennett have gut-wrenching seizure after gut-wrenching seizure even after this weekend of tests.

Bennett has had MRI and EEG tests before, I know what to expect. I've been down this road with him, and we've been at this hospital before. AND yet...for a reason I can't explain, I am as anxious and as nervous and as weird as I HAVE EVER BEEN since all this shit went down in February. WHY? I don't know.

So, don't expect the usual. I ain't got it in me.

Where was I? Oh yeah...

I do these Artists Alley segments to try and introduce people to some new things that maybe they have not seen before, some nifty art. You see, I have always thought that people take art for granted. But no matter where you go (in our man-made world, I'm not talking about if you are in the middle of a forest or something), if you look around, odds are you are going to see something that some kind of artist created.

Take a look around you right now. This website, Blogger, some artists designed the look. On your table that box of cereal. An artist designed it. Newspaper? Some artist laid that out and other artists took those awesome pictures. Your iPhone or Blackberry you are getting ready to pack into that bag? An industrial designer had a hand in that, as well as the bag.

The clothes you are wearing were created by a fashion designer. The words TERROR ALERT and that nifty bomb graphic on your television news program next to the talking head was produced by a digital artist. The commercial with the Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz dancing on electrical wires was worked on by a concept artist, a storyboard artist, a computer artist, an art director, hell probably someone who may have been specifically hired to render the electrical sparks.

Of course, if you have some paintings hanging on your wall...yeah, I don't want to overlook the obvious. You might even have a snapshot you took of your kids on the Frigidaire. That's art. And YOU were the artist. everywhere. everything. And yet you would find that most of the time I do one of these Artists Alleys segments most people do not comment, and much of the time these pages get far less views overall than any other. Why?

Because more than anything else, art, or rather the appreciation of it, is one of the most subjective things on the planet. What's good for the goose is NOT good for the gander. I may like the work of Van Gogh, you may think the work is awful...the wild, unrefined interpretations of some crazy dude who cut off his ear and gave it to his girlfriend.

You know that actually might not be exactly what went down? Some have differing theories. It is actually not officially confirmed that Van Gogh did the cutting himself. Some think it was cut off during a fight between him and another artist, while others believe he accidentally lost the lower part of his earlobe...while having an epileptic seizure. Yup, some medical experts believe that Vinnie had Temporal Lobe Epilepsy or some other form. It isn't certain the ear cut was made on purpose, or if it happened during a seizure by accident or during a fight.

Anyway, that's why these posts never get much 'heat', so to speak. And you know what? I totally get that. Because most of what I post about is not necessarily everyone's cup of tea. My mother is the first person that comes to mind when I say that too...she often used to wonder why I wouldn't draw flowers and stuff that was 'pretty'. Those were HER things. I had MY things. Chicks. Robots. Monsters. Wacky stuff.

Art is like that, whether you make it or just look at it. You tend to gravitate to what you like, and you definitely, absolutely just breeze on by the stuff that you don't.

Unless you know the guy.

Then you give a second look.

So for today's Artists Alley I am going to show you some of MY work, and point you in the direction of MY deviantART page specifically. And while I don't expect that my work is everyone's cup of tea, I expect that because we are talking about me, and because I have sort of put myself out here a bit of late emotionally, that maybe you'll enjoy these pieces a little bit more than the usual AA subjects. Though I tend to think that the other work by the other artists I show in these AA blogs blow my shit right out of the water. I am pretty much NEVER happy with anything I have drawn. are a few pieces I feel OK about. I specifically picked them because they do not relate to any toys or products...because let's face it, I just don't really DRAW anymore for art's sake. Pretty much any art I have made in the last few years is almost always a toy or some other product.

Those first ones were done in late 90's into the next decade. These next four are from last year, when I picked up a pencil after a LONG hiatus and tried to start drawing again. I had every intention of re-exploring art with a vengeance. But as it always happens, got sidetracked by needing jobs that PAY, and that was that.

Thought about maybe this year trying again, but after the Bennett thing went down haven't had much in the way of inspiration after I do my day job. I give that my energy and Bennett/home life the rest.

After that? Got nuthin'.

If you'd like to see more of my work, mostly all older stuff, check out my very own deviantART page. You'd have to sign up for an account, but it's free and WELL worth your time to have access to my gallery, as well as hundreds of thousands of other pieces of fantastic art! And that's the main reason to sign up. I almost never update my page anymore, just no time, but there are some GREAT artists to be found over there.


  1. Always have loved your art. Did you ever pencil a complete comic? The HariKari? or Babylon Crush?
    Anyway, I note that your women seem always very fem. and very dangerous...My how we guys learn our lessons.

  2. Your art skills amaze and astound me. Fantastic!

  3. I like your art, though it does seem you may have an affinity for drawing breasts that defy gravity. But that is the great thing about art, you create it as you see it.

    Thanks for sharing. I had been to your DeviantArt page before; I think all your stuff is interesting.

  4. Shawn-Michael is dating a beautiful young lady that is a graphic artist...Some of her works remind me of your's...

    Your talent is amazing! It is nice to have a way to express yourself and make some $ at the same time!

    (My mom is a wonderful painter...She does alot of landscape and stills in acrylic...Some watercolor...She sells them as well...Unfortunately, I didn't take after her too much...Although I have been told I have a pretty handwriting!!! Ha!)

    Don't EVER stop your drawing!



  5. Wow, you are quite talented! I don't know if drawing is theraputic for you like writing is for me, but maybe someday it might be something you could do to deal with the pain and suffering you experience with Bennett? A way to express some of the stuff going on inside? Just a thought. BTW-I am taking Survey of Non-Western Art in school right now, which is the first real exposure I've had to any kind of art and it is so awesome. I can't believe that I never thought about what the meaning is behind some of the stuff I see. I'm mainly learning about ancient cultures and their art forms, which is actually really cool. Anyway, I will for sure check out your deviant art page. Thanks for sharing.


  6. I do nothing similar to what you do. I wish I could draw the human form like that, but that's not in the cards for me.

    But I have been slowly getting the Art bug again, I feel like painting again, I even bought a couple of canvases, now I need to buy new oils and acrylics because last summer burned half of my paints.

    Tangent alert: You know I've been having all kinds of problem with my digestion, remember? Well it just became a possibility that I might have epilepsy in my stomach and intestines, how sick is that?

    Seems like my normal peristaltic movements sometimes get replaced with epileptic attacks, and not only do they go haywire, but they are able to stop completely and take up to 48 hours to resume.

    Ever heard of that kind of epilepsy?

  7. Richard:
    Thanks my friend. Yeah I actually penciled and have had about 3 or 4 comics published. They all blow. Hari Kari was one title I did like 2 isssues of, Babylon Crush was fully completed by me but it never got published. Some other title called Tormentress. Gag. And a short story in Warrior Nun. Nothing major. I never broke in to the big leagues.

    Thanks dude. I would trade them for your Man Skills any day of the week now though.

    Yeah, I do like drawing stylized and rather un-realistic girls. And men too. That's the nature of comic book style...most of it is exaggerated.

    Always wanted to paint...done some, but never learned technique the way I should have.

    Yeah, it's really just having no WILL sometimes, know what I mean? I just feel drained of energy and drawing takes some kind of energy.

    I have never heard of stomach epilepsy. Tell you what, if it's a rare weird medical condition chances are you get it. Damn dude.

  8. Just getting caught up. Just want to say, I like your newer art better. It seems "softer".

  9. Oh, your friend with the "stomach epilepsy", though I have never heard of it, it makes sense. The intestines have neurons that recieve electrical impulses to create peristalsis. My cousin's son has Hirschsprung's Disease. It's where the neuros never form and part of the intestine is "dead". It needs to be surgically removed. I suppose it's not much different than the breain.


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