Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Carter's Greatest (Online) Hits: Part 3

Keeping the theme of this week alive, focusing a bit on Carter and his 'online' history as far as some of the things I posted on the internet about the boy prior to all of this other stuff with Bennett that came about this year.

After we moved to Ohio, there weren't a lot more posts by me on the Palisades Message Board about Carter...there was no Palisades Message Board to post anything on. Palisades was gone, and I attempted to start my own small business. Creatus Maximus came and went VERY quickly, I went about trying to start it in all the wrong ways, not the least of which was poor planning when it came to how I was going to pay for it.

On the Creatus Maximus website, I maintained a blog, and in that blog I would talk about business stuff but I also wrote some stuff about my personal life, typically on the weekends. Here's one of those posts that focused on Carter.

Written on the Creatus Maximus Grey Matters Blog: August 08, 2006
So yeah…it’s the weekend. And there’s a NEW entry! What the hell? I just figured it might be fun to do some stuff from the old personal life on a weekend for S’s and G’s, and since my son Carter just turned 2 years old a few weeks ago, and since I haven’t posted pictures of him in a LONG time AND since I have this space now to call my very own I figured WTF I’ll do a little Carter ditty.

He isn’t here right now…he’s visiting his Aunt today with his Momma, up in Akron. That’s about a 1.5 hour drive north of Columbus I believe. At least I think it is. I don’t know I have never made the trip. Hate weekend jaunts. I mean…you never even have a chance to get “settled” and then you leave. I am a SHITTY traveler. But that’s for another story. Let’s look at some pics of The Boy.

Here are some shots of him just before we left Baltimore. These were taken just before his personality started to adapt to having his picture taken. What do I mean by that? He used to just sort of dig having it done. Now it annoys him…it is MUCH harder to get sweet candid shots of him. Now he is either pissed or cheesing it up for the camera. Just means more work for me…I have to wait for the right moment to take the shot.

Here’s a few from his first few days in Ohio as a resident. At first, his adaptation was a huge concern to me, especially daycare. He never used to wail when he got dropped off, but when we first moved here I took over the duties of drop-off and pick-up since it was no longer on the way to my wife’s place of employment. And hey…since I am the guy with no job, I am the one who realistically SHOULD have the duty.

He did eventually start to get past the anxiety. Actually I tricked him into it. I used to let him get up, get awake, have some grub and then take him in. Instead I started to get some milk, take it to the bed, wake him up, let him have some drinkage while I change his clothes, and then, still groggy, right to the car and straight to daycare. Once there, I would sit down with him, prep his breakfast there on his level, get it ready to go, and then he would have something to do immediately upon drop-off. So now…as soon as the breakfast repast is laid out its “Bye-bye Daddy” and off I go. Another problem solved.

And these are some of the pics from his birthday party. It was cool. A Spongebob Squarepants theme. It’s very cool to have him dig that show, since I love it. Can’t tell you how bored I get watching Dora the Explorer and Go! Diego, Go! But Spongebob is easily my favorite cartoon of all time, so we both enjoy the show together. For the party, we grabbed a bunch of Spongebob stuff and went to town. He had a blast.

Alright, that’s enough of that I think. Off to watch some TV. Been a long day. This house probably won’t be unpacked for months...always a box right behind the last one.

SeeYa Tomorrow...

Ahhh...don'tcha just love trips down memory lane? Man all that crazy border stuff on those old Grey Matters blogs. Too complicated.



  1. This was a great one too! Again, I love the photos!

  2. Ken, he is adorable! It's awesome that you are taking the time to make this week special for him, despite all of the other crap you have going on. He's worth it, I'm quite sure ; )


  3. He was born with big ears, but he grew into them, soon puberty will hit, and the ears will grow out on him, but after that's done, he'll grown into them again.

    It's the circle of life.

    We are born, we change, we change again, we change backwards, and we'll change forward. As long as we're changing, we're living.

  4. Holli:
    Thanks...I love looking at pics of him when he was but a wee lad.

    Yeah, thanks...I'll pick up the Carter stuff again in a while, just not feeling it for a couple of days.

    You are one odd guy, dude...but that's why I love you.


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