Friday, July 31, 2009

Carter's Greatest (Online) Hits: Part 4

EDIT: Remember a couple of weeks ago when I was doing that whole BEST OF CARTER thing? Well, a tragedy that week sort of took me out of the mindset to continue doing it and I pulled the last two. But, since not having a blog going up regularly sends my OCD into a tailspin and since I have the stuff written already, here's the next one in that series.

I'm still a bit too weary, burdened and frankly just depressed to write any final re-cap on the Cleveland Clinic trip. At some point maybe. I do find it odd that I go into a major depression state the first 5 days or so back from any hospital or doctor visit. Severe depression, I'm talking about the kind where you question whether you really want to see the sun rise the next day when you go to sleep or you'd rather just slip away quietly in the night so the pain will stop. Don't worry...I'm at the tail end, only have a couple more days of feeling like Grade A a bit I can downgrade myself to Grade B Shit and move on.

Anyway...on with the Carter stuff...

Just like yesterday's, another blog from the old Creatus Maximus site, this one about a trip to the Columbus Zoo with Carter...

Written on the Creatus Maximus Grey Matters Blog: September 17, 2006
Ah...the weekend, when most folks chill out, take a load off and relax. I envy those I tend to be a bit of a workaholic. It has served me well over the years I suppose, though I often second guess my behavior when it comes to my son.

I had a choice today. Stay home and continue working in the basement (though it is a LOVELY day here in the great state of Ohio) or go to a town fair with the wife and the boy. Since I am going to the big Delaware County Fair on Friday of next week (woo-hoo!) I decided not to go to this one. I figured today's Fair would be just like the last “towny” think I went to, which ended up being essentially a gigantic garage sale of thousands of pieces of junky crap.

Not so...there were cowboys on horses, there was a petting zoo, there were little rides, there were games, and my son had the time of his life according to my wife. He even, just on a whim though I suspect he saw this somewhere, walks up to a sheep (one of his favorite things...he’ll fit in well in this small town) and proceeds to feed it some grass, screaming and giggling with delight as the sheep followed him around and he fed him more grass. That sheep was probably delighted that nobody was trying to fuck it. But I digress...

Lesson? SPEND MORE TIME WITH YOUR FAMILY. When you have a chance, instead of working on a Saturday in a dusty basement filled with thousands of boxes to be sorted and shelved, get OUT of the house, get INTO your car, and have some freaking FUN.

I remembered to do that a couple of weekends ago, when we went to the Columbus Zoo together for a Nestle company shin-dig. Jennifer’s Dad has worked for the corporate food behemoth for pretty much his whole adult life and DAMN they treat their employees right. The summer hullabaloo was held at the Zoo, and they actually had a space rented AND access to the Zoo was had by all of us AFTER HOURS for about 90 minutes, so we did not have to screw around with the masses and had instant access to EVERYTHING.

Now THAT’S a good time. Especially since most of the animals don’t give a SHIT during the day. They lay there like a bunch of...of...animals, licking themselves and swatting flies off their asses with their tails. At least, the LUCKY ones have tails. But who would be excited in that situation, if you were an animal? You are in a place that is nothing more than a 1960’s Star Trek set with Styrofoam boulders and a painted sky, it’s hot, it’s sticky, and they have to sit there in their own poop and smell it...I mean, what kind of life is that? But as dusk approaches the denizens of the animal kingdom really start to get jiggy wit’ it. That was the best part.

So here now, journey with me, in a little visual remembrance of that weekend’s festivities, in the place made famous on Late Night with David Letterman by Jack Hanna, the Columbus Zoo.

And that’s least until the big County Fair this Friday. I’m thinking it’s time for a few mpegs on that trip!

SeeYa Tomorrow…

That County Fair we went to didn't end up being all that bad as I recall. Besides, the fact is that if Carter was having a good time at that kind of thing that was all that really mattered.

Can't wait for the weather to start cooling off again. We hit the Zoo many times a year, since we have a yearly pass that we buy. But going in the summer? Bummer. Even the animals hate summer heat and generally you don't see them doing anything if you go in the hot months.

But September-December? SUPER active. And Spring? Fuggedaboudit.


  1. So nice to see you picked back up on the Carter blogs! Nice distraction, huh?

    We've never had a hospital visit quite like what you have just experienced. I can imagine you feel like you've been bulldozed..physically and mentally.

    Nothing like post-hospital stress. Hope it passes soon.

  2. Love the word hullabaloo!

    I think it helps...having the big kids around. To keep my heart engaged in happy too.



  3. After the pressure us lifted, that's when we crumble.

    You're not out of the fire yet, but you're in a period of grace, so you can afford to fall apart, and we let ourselves fall apart.

    If before you recover, there is a need for you to be strong, you will be, that is the way human being are built.

    Take care


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