Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Doing Their Duty

I don't normally put embarrassing photos up of my oldest son Carter, but what the hell, he's nearly five, there's no naughty bits showing, he doesn't actually READ this thing, and it's cute. What's funny about the situation is that Bennett walks in to the bathroom while Carter was on the bowl not to play with or bother Carter, but to generate a diaper-filler himself!

That's why Carter is covering his nose in the one shot. He clearly thinks his own 'S' doesn't stink but he was sure bothered by Bennett's doody-stench!

Hey...the family that poops together, stays together...


  1. Funny shots. Go Carter! You rock!

  2. hahaha...SO stinkin' cute!


  3. That is hilarious!

    Now to get Bennett to go ON the potty....that's the trick!

  4. Oh the many years of therapy that will follow this post! lol

  5. Well, you MUST save this for Carter to see in his teenage years....It is PRICELESS! Just WAY too funny!!!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


  6. HA HA HA so funny.
    as Danielle said in her stinkin' cute! LITERALLY!

    Those are some picture that you use later in life to get what you want!
    I am constantly trying to catch my daughters in embarrassing moments and getting photos...its just what we do as a family. Of course they get me back sometimes too!
    Our latest funny is of my youngest daughter modeling a superman cape I made for Daniel..

    I won't let her live this one down anytime soon!


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