Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday, Carter Lilly!

Today is Carter's 5th birthday.

Happy Birthday kiddo...5 years. Any chance you'll be sleeping in your own room any time soon? Maybe? Nah...didn't think so.

Today's birthday is something good to focus on, though there is something else going on today (and for the last several weeks/months) I haven't been able to bring myself to blog about yet, so the day has a very difficult emotional slant because some elements of that are coming to a head today, though we are shielding Carter from that as much as we can and trying to outwardly show him happy faces. I will get into that whole thing at some point, just not now. Not even sure when. It's a doozy. But to those involved, you are in our thoughts all the time. Wishing you all the strength in the world today. Especially today.

Now, trying to focus on Carter and his birthday. I have some blogs written for this coming week, all about Carter. Gonna try and just focus on him for a week, and I'll update on Bennett as needed of course.

Today...keeping it simple...just sharing some photos of Carter's birthdays from his first through his 4th. A brief photo journey. Most of these are on my Facebook page, so they will only be new to those who don't check out Facebook pics.

His first Birthday...

His second...

His third birthday...

And his fourth...

And yeah...believe it or not, a year later, the fish is STILL alive...


  1. Happy Birthday Carter.

  2. Yes...Something to CELEBRATE today!!! Beautiful Carter! These are those fun things that can help us get through the other stuff....Help a LITTLE, anyway...

    Give Carter a hug and a kiss for me and Colby!

  3. Hey Ken,

    Haven't been on much reading blogs and the like (haven't even been posting in my own blog or drawing my web comic as of recent), but i took some time out today to read thru some of your recent blogs. Congrats on the 100.... you and I started the same day.... you have 100, I have 25, tops. HA! Anyways, you and your family are always in my thoughts, Happy Birthday to Carter, and big hugs to Bennett.


  4. Happy Birthday Carter!! KC saw the pic of the birthday cake and started singing Happy Birthday. Best wishes Carter from your Chicago buddies!

    Karen and KC

  5. Did I see a bike AND a fish for the same birthday??? Pretty lucky little boy! Hope the big 'five year old' celebration was all that you hoped for!

  6. LOL seems like you guessed what I was thinking. Lucky fish.

    Happy Birthday Carter, this is your fifth, but may you live to celebrate multiples of it many time over.

    Next year you'll be six, and (I presume) you'll be going to school, see how you're almost a big man?

    Enjoy the last year of school freedom, after this one things get more complicated. (Can you tell, I'm a stupid old teacher, by this post? Of course you can)

    Happy Birthday Carter Maximus Lilly!

  7. Happy Birthday Carter!

    Happy 5th anniversary of becomming a father Ken!

    Enjoyed your "advisory" notice.

    A recommendation or two for the postive thought for the day:
    "A bleep" (from R2D2...he always seemed happy to me).
    "A joy fragment (j-frag)". (Since you were expounding on joy...and the shortened version has a BSG ring to it).
    "OGTD" (One Good Thought for the Day)

    Wish I could fight with you where you are...on the front lines. You know I'm somewhere back in the supply line though...

  8. Never mind the others...I just got it...

    A joygasm.


  9. Happy Birthday to your beautiful boy.Five years passes far too quickly.Take it from me because as you know,I just added grandma or in my case,Mimi, to my resume!Then again have a whole slew coming after that second born,if I survive.Read the post below,what can I say?Hated those videos just as I did the other one.Brings it back like a it was yesterday but today it's Bennett and that goes beyond *uck!Which people might be surprised,happens to be one of my favorite words when the situation calls of it.I do have two tattoos as well,just like to keep people guessing.Anyway Ken,just trying to say,I get it and I wish I had the miracle med.But I do feel like it's coming.I just wish it would hurry up and get here.En"JOY" the boys... as I know you are really,really trying to find those elusive moments.They are there.Just hard to find in times like these.

  10. Hope you had a wonderful birthday Carter!!!

  11. It's amazing how quickly time passes, isn't it? I enjoyed seeing the transformation in the photos..and he's just as much of a cutie as his little brother!

    Here's to hoping that the Big 5 celebration provided you with some much needed happy distraction!

    Happy *late* Birthday, Carter!!

  12. Hope you spoil him rotten for his b-day!


    ps. I'm such a fan of the picture marathon thingie!

  13. Thanks...I showed Carter all the lines of people saying Happy Birthday. He had no clue what it was all about but it was fun trying to explain that I have friends inside my computer.

    Thanks again.


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