Friday, July 10, 2009

Sith Happens

Added some new Kubrick figures to the collection last week. The latest series of Star Wars Kubrick block figures from Medicom has hit, and I'm only a tad late to the party.

Of course, I did not get any of the chase figures in the case I ordered. I never do. Things are too sophisticated now. eTailers are using X-Rays or weighing cases or whatever and they never send out the 12-pack cases with the good ones in them.


Anyway...I give you the main six figures from Star Wars Kubrick Series 10, featuring characters from Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

I recently found a fairly decent price on a General Veers, and picked him up. He was the super secret chase figure in Series 6 or 7 I believe...

What is really starting to piss me off though are the super scarce box sets. There are too many popping up of late that are too limited to get without a second mortgage on your house. These could all very easily be regular series of figures, but boxed sets released only in one small place and then secondary market prices get nuts. The proliferation of that now smells to me like the end of the line. That is what usually occurs, but what do I know?

Anyway, I've come across two recently that I think are still going to be coming out. Not sure about that yet.

Grumble grumble anger anger...but really, I guess in the long run who cares? I am not getting any real sense of satisfaction from collecting anything these days, not even sure I want to continue it.

Oh sure, hobbies are well and good, but if isn't something you enjoy, what IS the point really? Not that the concept of collecting is not enjoyable, hell, it's the simple fact that I just don't enjoy anything these days. But I went down that road once already this week my friends...


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  1. The super secret chases drive me nuts. I wish they'd stop.


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