Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Some Home Movies

Meant to post some links to some video I had recently uploaded, and I spaced. My mind is just, well, who knows what my mind is just. Anyway, I remembered now and let's take a look.

These are all from Carter's Birthday on the 12th of July. This first one, Carter and Bennett are running around the living room, though Carter accidentally knocks Bennett over and makes him cry. He wasn't seriously injured. I did stop taping and went to check, he just got startled, that thing in Carter's hand might have hit his face but it was soft.

Carter was pretty cool to instantly recognize and cop to it though. I respect that. He didn't give the old 'I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!' song and dance.

Speaking of songs, here's the ritualistic Happy Birthday chant sung to Carter.

The rest was just opening gifts. I recorded these mainly for my mom, as this humungoid Imaginext playset was from her, but she was not able to be out here for the Birthday.

The boy REALLY wanted to get that out of the package and play with it. But wanted to wait until we got home, otherwise it is parts everywhere, lost pieces and all that. I got tons of photos, from that birthday party and his Water Park party the weekend after that, just haven't had a chance to really go through and select any for bloggage. I will eventually, just off my game right now.

Freaky week in the head, I'm tellin' you...


  1. That playset looks awesome. I'm sure he had a blast playing with it at home! I love the video of Carter and Bennett chasing each other. Bennett seemed so into it, excited and engaged, which is amazing, I think! Carter seems like he is a great big brother :)

  2. LOVE these! I am a "home movie" fanatic! But I haven't taken many in years because of the seizures...I think I just get too wrapped up in it all....

    So DON'T stop filming....They are beautiful, and you will be sorry if you let it lapse....

    Watching Carter and Bennett run around reminds me of some video of Shawn-Michael and Colby chasing each other...Of course, Colby was always on hands and knees crawling...But that was OK...They still found a way to be little boys....

    Again, LOVED these....Thanks!


  3. Karen:
    He is...SOMETIMES. Much of the time he doesn't want to be bothered. And the 'gap' is growing between them because B is not developing.

    This new camera I bought takes AWESOME video shorts. I do need to upgrade my digital video recorder as well. I have tons of photos and video, I'm a freak about it because for SO many years I had no camera at all and miss out on so many visual images from my past.

  4. Wow, I honestly never considered the aspect of having a developing sibling with an IS baby. Damn. I compare KC to his friends, which sucks, but it's not the same. Regardless, what I see in the video's is the same spirit I see during the seizures. It's there, no question. He is a beautiful little guy.


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