Friday, July 3, 2009

House of the Dead 2

Well, waddya know? Friday...and I made it through the week without a Bennett specific blog. See? I knew I could do it. Feels pretty good. Now, yeah...we all still lived our lives and a lot of stuff went down, but I'll write about that later, for now I am just enjoying taking a break from it.

A blog I wrote last week, called House of the Dead, was actually about the internal struggles of a married couple working through the trials and tribulations of taking care of a child in distress. But it got me thinking about the OTHER House of the Dead, the SEGA video game series that I helped develop some action figures for back in the Palisades Toys days.

We put out a single series consisting of four figures and some variations, and we developed a second series that got shitcanned before production, and since I love the Wayback Machine I'm gonna take a look at those canceled figures. (I should probably just save all this shit for when I get there with Chronolillogy, but I think it will be YEARS until I ever complete that thing to this point in history).

These are actually a series of several Bits, from the old Palisades site, strung together. They focus on the second series that got sculpted and prototyped but never produced. The segment was called Land of the Lost. Speaking of lost, I couldn’t find the text for the first couple of photos, so the first thing you see here are a couple of pics, and then the text for the Bits picks up mid-stream.

In fact I have a TON of photos that there are no text for, which leads me to believe that there must have been a time where I was entering text directly into the template on the site. many precious words lost.

Yeah right. On with the pics...

These guys are Chariot and Bob the Zombie, not to be confused with Rob Zombie, who I am sure does not have green guts and can probably sing a lot better than Bob. The Bob figure would have had a removable stomach cover. SWEET. I need that.

Now the rest of the pics, with the text that originally came with them.

Monday, February 24, 2003
Continuing with our look at the canceled House of the Dead Series 2, we take a closer look at Kuarl, the huge creature with no head from the line. The prototype is shown here, fully painted, holding his giant Battle Axe. The final product would have had some cool features and articulation.

One of the things that was so cool about this piece, besides it’s size, were the little rats that were added throughout the piece. Since the creature seemed to be an animated suit of armor with no head or “body” underneath, we decided to take some artistic liberty and we made up the idea that he was constructed of dirt and earth, with lots of rats moving around inside the evil armor. If you look closely you can see some rats poking out here and there on the arms and legs, and if you look down into the neck area there is a big clump of rats crawling around.

We have the unpainted tooling pattern of this canceled figure up on eBay right now, so check it out and take a crack at getting a copy of this never to be released action figure.

Tuesday, March 4, 2003
Continuing with our look at the canceled House of the Dead Series 2, we take a closer look at Judgment, the pesky little flying companion to the rampaging juggernaut Kuarl. Judgment would have been packed with Bob, for size and budget reasons he could not be packed in with Kuarl, but in the game he and Kuarl go together. Judgment is the brain, and Kuarl the brawn. You have to shoot Judgment in the air as Kuarl attacks, and you notice that each time Judgment takes a hit, Kuarl reacts the same way. Eventually you face Judgment alone and finish him off.

This little guy was going to attach to Kuarl in some way, to mimic that fight, and he had articulated wings and a lot of other hidden points. About 12 in all.

Wednesday, April 9, 2003
For the past few weeks we have been showing you some of the figures of the canceled House of the Dead Series 2. Last up here is Magician, the big boss from the first game. Magician was a floater, by that I mean he hovered in the game, so we sculpted him with a clear base that we would have constructed at the factory to allow him to appear to levitate. He was also loaded to the gills with articulation, and would have had about 30 points total.

Also shown here are the card mock-ups, to give you an idea, in a very rough capacity, what the line may have looked like once it was completed and on the card. Interesting to note how old these images are, which you can really tell by looking at the old branding stripe and logo.

Ah, House of the Dead 2. The line that could have been and wasn’t. We still look at these prototypes, which are on display in the office, and talk about how cool it would have been to actually take these figures all the way to production. Would have been a really kick a$$ line!

And that’s it. I really would have liked to have had a shot at that line. Could have made up for the very shoddy production work on the first series, which started out cool in the prototypes and ended up looking like ass. And not good ass. I mean BAD ass. And that’s bad. Ass.



  1. Yeah, not quite Muppets is it? We did all kinds of figures at Palisades, from cute to this... :)


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