Saturday, July 25, 2009

Weekend at Cleveland Clinic Update: 07-25-09

You know me...I will have diarrhea of the keyboard at some point as I recap the whole trip, but when you are sitting in the dark in a hospital room it is VERY hard to type a lot of stuff.

So I'll be brief.

First, thanks to all who sent well-wishes and comments, through here, e-mail, Facebook and all that.

To you guys who sent the goodies. Thanks. You really shouldn't have. You're both crazy! But we really appreciate it. We'll never consume all that stuff. You've made many nurses on this floor very happy.

Bennett was up most of the night, we are all pretty fried, but at least he has had 2 seizure clusters already, providing data...that's why we are here. MRI is done. Not sure if there will be any more tests in addition to the continued EEG, but we'll see.

That's it for now. Will update more as I can.


  1. Of course I hate that he's having seizures, but it's great that he had them while hooked upto the EEG. Thanks for the update.

  2. xoxoxo...

    I need to make friends that send munchies! ;)


  3. I send that danielle!!

    Hope that you have gotten the data that is needed. At the times of the continued EEG's were the only times I was "ok" with the seizures because I knew that they were doing it at the right time to get a good treatment. If that makes any sense!

  4. Good job, Bennett! I agree, the more seizures, the better this weekend....Colby was one of those who only showed activity through one EEG....Of course, we never had to have to lengthy one, either, so....

    Y'all keep hanging in there....

    Sounds like things are going well....


  5. So sorry I've been MIA lately. Long story, but I was definitely thinking of you all yesterday when I knew the day had come -we were in Houston having an EEG too. Not a super long one like Bennett's though...thank goodness.

    I hope everyone is holding up through all the extra stress today. Update when you can...


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