Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weekend at Cleveland Clinic Update 3: 07-26-09

Well, we made it through the night. Jen got a good night's sleep back in the hotel, I hardly slept at all. But Bennett got some decent sleep in, so that's what counts. Now we are just waiting for today's rounds. Maybe happening in an hour or two, with any luck.

Can't believe I didn't freak out, but I actually did OK. It wasn't EASY, but it was not as bad as I thought. And I let all the nurses know was my first gentle with me.

Gonna try and find out today what the plan is as far as length of visit. I would like to have Bennett disconnected from the EEG leads today obviously, but if not I understand. Just want that for him. We'll see. But we gotta know, because we have to check out of the hotel on Monday and I want to know what to do about our stuff there and also what to do about getting back home, getting back to work, taking care of Carter, etc.

Miss him...a lot more than I expected I would. But I planned for that, and have my portable hard drive with all kinds of videos on it from Carter's first five years. And Bennett enjoys watching those, he gets a big kick out of seeing his bro.

I do have an idea now for a really cool hospital product for EEG leads. Would make life a HELLUVA lot easier for the kids, the parents and everybody else, and it's very simple, hell you can customize from what's out there. But it's definitely something I need to look into to develop and produce, and it can be configured to have logo of each and every hospital that were to offer it's use. Would be a VERY helpful tool.

My brain tissue hurts today. I'm so tired, haven't felt like this in a LONG time. Since a convention or something. Been a while.

Anyway, here are a couple of shots, the bulk of the photos go into my Facebook page...easier that way.

More later as I have it.

P.S. Apologies to anyone who has e-mailed me and not received any responses. This is a public server, and my e-mail is all done through servers that won't allow access from a public server. If you have any emergencies and you need to contact me via e-mail you can use or use Facebook. When/if we do the surgery and it lasts for over a week or more, I'll have a better solution in place.


  1. Why am I crying?!'s not the first time I've seen a kid in EEG garb!

    He's just delicious...ya know.

    Oh and thank you for taking the night shift for Jen. J does that for me...but I always feel guilty. A little less knowing I'm not the only mommy to go get a good nights sleep in the hotel. :)

    Hopefully they can disconnect him. Hard to imagine they didn't get enough good data by now. And again...SO jealous that they let you unhook for a walk around the hospital. Although I've always wondered how weird it would be. To have the other parents looking at you...and silently thanking God they were just there for something little. I've been guilty of such thoughts myself...



  2. D:
    Nah, gonna be here another night. But oh well...gotta do what you gotta do. I actually found myself not caring at all about people staring. Bennett was thrilled to be out and that was all I gave a shit about. It was weird.

  3. First off, I have to say I loved that last picture, you really did save the best for last. Bennett looks so happy in it.

    But I have to say I really liked the first one too, and not because of the picture itself, but because of what I saw in the picture, and that was: Bennett engaging that camera. He wasn't apathetic or anything, even if he was visibly tired, but he looked straight at the camera, which is generally a good sign.

    If you miss Carter, give him a call, everyone loves to know their missed, and maybe he's not going to give much importance to it today, but in years to come he'll remember that out of the blue, without it being scheduled, or anything like that his father called him, just because he missed him.

  4. You are a great husband to take such a big part in the nuts and bolts of this...Believe me, it is hard to do on your own....Jen and your boys will remember these times FOREVER!

    LOVE the photos! I can't imagine how difficult this is to manage, as Colby has never had An EEG last more than an hour or so...But Bennett sure does look great...So happy with that smile...Shows what great parents y'all are...That you and Jen have influenced his personality so that he can endure this mess with a smile on his face!!!

    And you will feel SO much better once you get home and get some sleep...EVERYTHING is better with sleep!


  5. Heaven = a wireless EEG. If they can make computers wireless...why not EEGs??? I hate keeping up with all of those stupid packs, and when you have a kid that is all over the place like Connor, it makes the nerves even more wracked.
    Anywho, B does look quite adorable as one can look in all of that EEG garb!

  6. Glad to hear you're holding up through all this. It's definitely not easy being confined to a small hospital room with leads holding your baby back. We weren't able to unhook and go for walks, so that must help SO much. Also, don't know why we didn't think of it, but neither of us left the hospital during the 24 hr EEG. We completely wasted a paid night at our hotel...we each took turns sleeping on the couch in the hospital room. Talk about miserable!! What a nice hubby to let Jen get a peaceful night's sleep!

    Love the photos, by the way!


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