Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Child Safety...Never a Bad Thing

I have a subscription to a TRU (that's ToysRUs) newsletter, cause...well, it's mainly because I dig on toys for me, but I also like to keep up with what's hot with the kids, you know.

Anyway, got a letter about Child Safety thought I would pass along.

August 11, 2009

A Message from Gerald L. Storch,
Chairman and CEO, Toys"R"Us, Inc.

Dear Valued Guest,

Each day in our stores, we help parents who are making preparations for welcoming a new baby into their home. Items like cribs, bottles, strollers and car seats top their wish lists, but safety products to baby-proof the home often can be overlooked. A recent study conducted by the Home Safety Council found that 95% of parents took measures to baby-proof their homes, but an alarming 50% waited until their child was already crawling, putting these little ones at risk to dangers around the house.

When we learned that unintentional home injuries result in nearly 21 million medical visits every year - and that young children are at the greatest risk of injury - we knew we wanted to help raise awareness of this important issue. In doing so, I am pleased to share with you that we have partnered with the Home Safety Council, the only national nonprofit organization solely dedicated to making homes safer across the United States. This partnership pairs safety expertise with baby product knowledge and is designed to encourage parents to make baby-proofing their homes an important part of planning for a new baby.

In conjunction with this partnership, expanded Safety shops have been introduced in Babies"R"Us stores nationwide. These shops put safety front and center and provide parents with guidance for a room-by-room approach to baby-proofing the home. In addition, tips for keeping little ones safe in the home are available on our dedicated Safety website, Toysrus.com/Safety, and in a complimentary brochure at Babies"R"Us stores nationwide. The tips provide parents with an easy-to-reference checklist when preparing their home for baby's arrival.

We know the trust you place in our company to ensure we are doing everything possible to keep children out of harm's way. This includes offering products and resources in our Babies"R"Us and Toys"R"Us stores that help parents and caregivers create a safe environment for babies and kids. Nothing is more important than the safety of children, and for the "R"Us family, it remains our highest priority.

Gerald L. Storch
Chairman and CEO
Toys"R"Us, Inc.

Sounds good to me. I need more safety stuff anyway. Now...how do we get TRU to start factoring some special needs stuff into their stores at better prices than what you have to pay going through the Internet? That's the real question.

Well, that and can ALL ToysRUs stores be in the same lot as a Hooters?


  1. Hmmm, I can imagine many dads are more than willing to take their kids to ToysRUS at that shopping center..providing a stop for lunch is part of the deal!

  2. I was going to say the same thing as Holli!!!

    Believe it or not, things are actually alot better now as far as availability of sp. needs stuff than when Colby was coming along....I say it is STILL a racket, though....EVERYTHING that comes with these kids? It's a racket! They all know we HAVE to have the stuff...So we will pay!!!

    Don't EVEN get me started.....


  3. This is Joyce(my daughter is Sarah). I have nothing to add about safety, truthfully I'm happy to be past that stage in life. I did score points once with my then nine year old son when I booked a hotel in Tampa with a Hooters next door - the only thing he remembered from the entire vacation.

    I noticed your comment on Zoey's blog this morning and linked on over here. I have been reading your story all evening. You, Jen and the boys will certainly be in my thoughts in the next few weeks.

    I am writing to offer whatever services I can provide while you are in Cleveland. Sarah spent the better part of her first ten years at the Cleveland Clinic so we know it well, including all the hidden tunnels and shortcuts to the chocolate and coffee. We live just up the hill in South Euclid - an easy ten minute drive door to door. I am very flexible day and night so don't hesitate to call for ANYTHING - food pick up, laundry, driving, directions, etc. 216-780-5916.

  4. hahaha that picture is hilarious!!
    I agree compleatly on the special needs stuff! cmon folks!I want bath seats and special seats for shopping carriages! Onward!! to the picket line my friends!! I think Cyndi is on board!

  5. I guess the employees at the Babies R Us on 40 didn't read this when the clerk/monkey pushed a TV monitor onto Sydney's head when she was two. She still has a ridge on her skull to this day.

  6. I'm afraid the only way for SN equipment to NOT be a racket...is for parents to open their own stores! Or not label it as SN in the first place.

    The world is filled with a bunch of greedy b's...

    that or I'm just oo-ber cynical?



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