Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kubrick Oddities

My love for Kubrick figures is so great, that often I'll buy some Kubrick stuff that I am not even all that into. That's the nature of collecting stuff like this, you end up in a dry spell with no Star Wars Kubrick figures coming out and no other genre-type Kubrick figures and so you just sort of pick something up you normally wouldn't just because it's there and you need your fix of the plastic crack.

That addiction is the only real way I can explain my purchase of this item.

It's a 2-pack of a Kubrick and a Be@rbrick from the movie Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. A film I have never seen, and one that I probably will never see. And I love Depp, and Burton, but I have a thing about musicals...they are tough for me to sit through. No reason why that I know of, I just get taken out of the moment when people break into song.

But, there weren't any other Kubrick sets out there that I really wanted, and found it at a good price. Found this one at a good price too, and I cannot find anything on Google that explains just what the heck it was for. Clearly, it is a set for Nike, but what the HELL is it?

Couldn't even tell you what these are supposed to be or what they are for, but hey, they are Kubrick figures, what can I say? Kubrick figures are like the horizontal shuffle. Even bad nookie is better than no nookie at all.



  1. Oh sheesh...out with a "bang", Ken. Which is did laugh...and say "oh sheesh" after I caught my breath.


  2. D:
    Indeed. I was proud of that analogy.

    No, but a different company made some nifty Trek MiniMates. You ever see those?


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