Wednesday, August 5, 2009

No News is No News

Just an update for anyone who phone call today. We know nothing about next steps yet.


  1. Well I'm sure planing a surgery like that takes time, so it's normal you don't know anything for a few days, but as soon as they know, you'll know, this clinic seems to be super correct in everything, so I'm sure they'll provide you with all the information you need, as soon as they can put everything together.

    And you wrote a very small post, but I can read between the lines, and you're a wreck, and your wife is probably the same way.

    Come on happy thoughts, or if those are hard, then No Thoughts about the surgery until you know more. Suffering from anticipation is only going to make you guys suffer, and rob you of appreciating the JOY that are you kids.

  2. "anyone who cares"

    Everyone cares. As do I. Major hugs. Any surgery questions - you know where to find me.

  3. You know we all care, and so it was good of you to update us. But I know no news sucks. But I am sure it will be soon.

    Try to turn off all the stuff in your head so you can sleep at night. Not taking care of yourself does no one any good. Any no amount of worrying will make you any more prepared for what lies ahead.

    Thinking of you!

  4. Thanks for the update. I've been checkin in on ya, just haven't had much time to comment. Crazy shit going on here in my world, but nothing like what you've got. I don't know exactly what to say...but I am sorry about the shocking news. I am thinking about you and your family and trying to send all kinds of good vibes your way as you wait for this life changing event to happen. I wish you the very best.


  5. We all care Ken....I know that you know it, but like Telmo said, it's pretty easy to read between the lines of that post and know that you're having a tough time with all of this.

    I'll say a few extra prayers that you all find a bit of peace until final word comes in from CC. {hugs}


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