Thursday, August 27, 2009

Surgery Update 1: It Has Begun

Keeping it brief, but Bennett's surgery has started. We actually have a little beeper/pager that gives us updates and stuff, and it said that his surgery had begun at 9:15 AM. We went in there at 6:00 AM to start all the stuff, and around 7:30 AM or so I hugged him and kissed him and let him go. Jen went back with him, they only allowed one parent back there until the child gets put under.

Now...we wait. I have to transfer our belongings from the hotel to the RMH in the next hour or so, and his surgery will last around 2-3 hours at least I would expect. No news yet, but when I get some I will leave another update when I can.

Thanks for the well-wishes and the blogs (which I have only been able to glance at thus far), they are all very appreciated.

Back soon...


  1. I will be constantly be refreshing your blog today. I am praying very hard right now.

  2. Trying to channel all my nervous energy to positive thoughts...I can't stop thinking about you all.


  3. We're all here with you, waiting just as nervously and anxiously. I know Benett will come through it like a champ!

  4. Be strong dude. Everything will be OK.

  5. I'll be checking in and thinking of you guys all day.

  6. of all days to have to come to work and expect to be able to focus! I just can't do it. I find myself drawn to looking for more updates on Bennett. Praying with all that I am that his surgery is going well and as planned. {hugs}

  7. *hugs* My prayers are with you guys today!

  8. I'm SO happy the RMH opened for you...

    I'm a mess for you guys today.



  9. Forget about reading our best wishes, unless they are important to you, and concentrate on keeping yourself as positive as you possible can.

    Glad to hear that you got the chance to move to the RMH.

    Now there is no turning back.

    That beeper things sounds like a really good thing.

  10. Good luck Bennett. And hugs to you and your mom and dad.

    Lori and Nora

  11. Thinking about you guys today...
    Bennett's going to do great. I can't wait to see the update that says he is resting comfortably after surgery.



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