Monday, August 10, 2009

To Boldly Blog...

Hey this is interesting. Guy named James Sawyer contacted me WAY back and interviewed me about a Palisades Star Trek set that we ALMOST released. It did fall through, but he did a nice write up on it. Was supposed to go in some mag but I think they must have blopped it so he turned it into a blog post.

Some interesting stuff there, if you're a fan of this kind of thing. I will eventually cover the Trek set in that Chronolillogy thing I am writing, but I am still on Chapter 3 about Abe's Oddysee stuff at ReSaurus so I doubt I'll get to this set for at least a year or two, IF that!

Anyway, check it out...

A Piece of the Action



  1. A big factor in the awarding of the overall Trek license to AA was the ill-fated pitch meeting that never happened. We were all booked (pretty sure it was you, me, and Renegar) to go out to Paramount (in LA) on Friday, September 14, 2001. Kate was 8.9 months pregnant, so my plan was to take the early flight to LA, arriving around 10 am, do the meeting, then take a red-eye back home just in case the baby showed up. Essentially, I was taking a 24 hour gamble that we wouldn't deliver in that window.

    Well, everyone knows what happened that Tuesday, so our meeting got pushed out. And pushed out. And out. And never happened.

    Not saying we would have gotten the license, but we never had a chance to make our pitch. Part of the reason we did the two-pack was that we had a handshake agreement that we would garner strong consideration for the overall license in late '01. Frankly, after the crap sales on the 2-pack, I had my reservations about the property.

    I don't know the exact timing, but I'm sure the gap that non-Star Trek license provided was a motivating factor in chasing The Muppets.

    Kate delivered on Friday morning (Thursday night, actually but around 2:00 AM), so I wouldn't have gone anyway. That baby, Sydney, is preparing for third grade now...

  2. Is it possible I saw an ad for this?

  3. Mike:
    Yeah, not getting the license was probably a good thing. The fan boy in me wanted it, but the practical person in me knew they wanted too much dough. I think we already had Muppets by this time though. We had Muppets while we were in Oella.

    You did indeed. Probably a few.


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