Saturday, September 12, 2009

Epilepsy 101: Comprehensive List of AED's

I subscribe to a newsletter on the website, and occasionally I get stuff I think really should be linked over to. One such article, about a summary of Anti-Epileptic Drugs, makes for some good reading and is a good jumping off point for people with little to no experience with some of the drugs that a lot of us with kids have been familiar with over the periods of time we have been fighting Epilepsy in our own children.

You can find a little more comprehensive info on each drug elsewhere on the site, and on the Internet, but this is a great overview from one of the main physician contributors to the site, Dr. Robert Fisher, the editor-in-chief of

For anyone wondering about Bennett, he's been up and down the last two days. Sometimes very giggly and smiley, other times crying, grabbing his head as if it hurts and uncomfortable, sometimes even a little listless and not very playful or exploratory or engaging. A lot less in the way of attempting vocalizations of any kind at all. Frankly, some pretty strange mood swings. Don't know what to make of it. Post-surgery related? AED related? Tumor related? Just a kid thing and I am over-thinking it related? Who knows.



  1. I love that site...It has become almost like my Bible! That was a great idea to post this info...When we parents speak of these drugs here, I know these "non-users" have questions....

    I hope Bennett gets over this little "up and down" business soon..

    If there is ANYTHING the LEAST bit "off" with Colby, I get all up in arms...My mom has said, "Well, maybe he just doesn't FEEL good today. Don't you ever have days like that?"

    I know I do, and that is probably the case some days....But I tend to jump to the worst conclusions...It's second nature now...

    Hope the weekend gets better...


  2. Hi Ken,

    After reading your post today I had to register for a google account and here I am.
    What I am eager to share is that Bennett might be experiencing headache like you suspect.Kanak complains of headaches every now and then.Since she is 6 and able to express more she even describes them like a sharp pain.Sometimes in the surgery area.Also she seems to be sensitive to sunlight.She told me (on a sunny day)that it felt like her head was burning and even after she came in ,she complained of headache for the rest of the day.Tylenol helps and I know its temporary and due to the healing process.Maybe You can try tylenol with Bennett and see if it helps.


  3. No useful words of advice for you. Hope Bennett feels better and the seizures stay away. We hate seizures.


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