Thursday, September 3, 2009

Is it Thursday Already? WOW.

Making this quick. Long day.

Was today a better day? Yeah it was. Are we out of the chewing through anything he can get in his mouth like the Tasmanian Devil stage? Nope.

But I am hopeful it will pass.

I actually have a TON of things I want to write about, I just haven't had any time. There are some people I want to write about, some events both during the surgery week and before and after. And yeah, there are a bunch of things on my mind that have nothing to do with Epilepsy or my child's head (which keeps reminding me of a baseball right now).

But was a little better than yesterday, and that's what parents in these situations hope for. As was VERY well said by Mike today at Marissa's Bunny by Mike. Hm. Nice sentence. Brought to you by the Department of Redundancy Department.

It was a great post, from an exhausted but still hopeful father. You should read it. There was a poignancy there that is really moving.

Talk at you tomorrow.


  1. Tempest fugit. One of these days Bennett will be choosing clothes for his high school prom. And you will wonder where the years went. Glad today went better. Perhaps I should share a picture of the damage my Tasmanian Devil did to her crib. There's something amazing about going in to pick your toddler out of her crib only to find her lying in a sea of splinters with a pacifer and a piece of wood in her mouth. Iron supplements made it a lot better - use only with medical supervision... There has to be something to this post- op manic chewing.

    Anyway, one day at a time my IS brother.

  2. I am glad to hear today was better. Maddie's seizures have been at an all time high since our return from Detroit, and today was a bit better for us too. Saw a bit of clarity for a few hours. And that was all it took to make me happy today.

    Thanks for pointing me in Marissa's dad's direction. That was a nice post. And I like your comment. Isn't it great that big pharma is out there saving the world one erection at a time? Wouldn't it be great if drugs were developed to do the most good rather than make the biggest profit? Ahhh the joys of capitalism. I for one would triple mortgage my house and pay out all my savings for a sure cure. But I don't have that choice I guess.

    Anyway, I hope things get at least a little better every day. Thanks for keeping us updated. Thinking of y'all.

  3. "which keeps reminding me of a baseball"

    the line that made Jonathan & I both laugh out loud. Only in IS-ville...

    I'm glad to hear today was better. Heck who am I kidding...I'm OVER THE FREAKIN' MOON to hear that today was better!

    Squeeze the fam for me...


  4. Don't you dare badmouth the Tasmanian Devil, he's one of my favorite characters, and that just really means that Bennett is no longer apathetic, and is as active as he's never been before.

    See I'm not an IS parent, of familiar, but unfortunately I do know a few things about almost all kinds of medical problems, and I only post here what I know to be true. And like I and others said to give Bennett time, only 24 hours later, he's a little better, imagine in 240 hours.

    I'm sorry if you get reminded of baseball when you look at Bennett, but I for one think you can turn that scar into fun thing for him. Like paint another on the other side, and he can be an alien for Halloween, stuff like that, make his scar part of his everyday life, don't try to hide it, so he doesn't get self-conscious about it. If he gets used to it now, when the time comes for him to go to school and meet those cruel kids that will make fun of it, he'll have a hide strong enough to take it, and tell them off.

  5. So glad it is getting a bit better....And I just know it will continue....I have lots of folks Iwith which I have shared your story wanting reports...And I am LOVING sharing Bennett's progress....

    Keep up the good work....

    By the way...You sound great!


  6. Thinking of you all daily.Praying for tons of better days ahead.Knowing in my heart, that they are there waiting on you.Marveling in where you were a week ago and where things are today.Amazed at your little guy and astounded in the resiliency possessed in these children's tiny bodies.The IS roller coaster .. nothing quite compares,does it?

  7. So glad to hear yesterday turned out much better. Maybe today will be full of even more positives.


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