Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Random NFL Musings - 09/29/09

I realize yesterday's post had some pretty heavy shit in it. Hence, today I avoid that completely, and keep it lighter, with some of my impressions and thoughts about Week 3 in the NFL. Obviously this ignores the contest tonight that takes place twixt Carolina and Dallas. But honestly? Other than the questions about which Tony Romo will show up and how many interceptions Jake Delhomme will throw, I just don't care much.

- That is not the kind of thing you want to see in a Ravens game if you are a fan. Gotta admit my heart skipped a MIGHTY beat when I saw Lewis on the ground, not getting up. Thankfully the injury was minor and he was back out there, but for a couple of minutes I was like 'No, no, no...'

- The Ravens are off to a 3-0 start. They've had one other. 2006, the year they went 13-3 and then got beat at home in the playoffs by the Colts, who beat the Ravens by ONLY scoring field goals and of course they (Colts) went on to win the Super Bowl.

- The Titans @ Jets was a pretty wild game. I watched some of it (let's face it, the Ravens game got a little boring). Wow, the Jets are 3-0 and the TITANS are 0-3? I would have predicted the exact opposite before the season.

- Congrats to the Detroit Lions, who finally broke their losing streak. Wow, the Redskins are awful. Jim Zorn's seat just got even hotter I think.

- How 'bout that Favre? His final TD pass to give the Vikings THEIR 3-0 start was vintage Favre and one of the reasons I used to love to watch the guy. I guess I admit, I still like to watch him, I just have a lot less respect for him since he went to the Vikings. I don't mind the whole retire/un-retire thing for years...but the Vikings? That's just wrong. Can't wait to watch the Vikings @ Packers on November 1st. Next week it won't be as cool with the Packers in Minnesota, but that 11-01 game? Me watchee.

However, two things. Number one? That pass was more luck than skill, but that's Favre. he takes the chance. That's why he is the Interception King as well. And number two? I am SO looking forward to Ngata or Suggs showing that old man just what the turf up there in Minnesota tastes like in a few weeks.

- I never thought Cincinnati would be able to pull it out, but SWEET to see them beat the Steelers. I loved it. Gives Baltimore that much more room at the top of the division and it breaks Big Ben's Ohio streak. Look, I respect the Steelers, but I still want them to lose because I want the Ravens to win the division. Week 12 can NOT get here fast enough., by the way, the Bengals can go back to losing. Next week? GO CHARGERS!!!

- It was interesting to see Kolb have a good game. And a good sign. I don't think Vick will stick around in Philly long term and as McNabb gets older it'll be good to see if Kolb really is the heir apparent. He was yesterday.

- The Cardinals looked so sluggish against the Colts last night. And, can you imagine how good the Colts would be if they had a powerful running game in addition to their passing game? They'd might be the dynasty of this decade and not the Pats. Although that Brown dude they drafted seemed to show some promise.

- I think I am gonna give up Fantasy Football for good next year. I suck. I've never won it all, rarely come close, and my teams continue to be bad. In times like these, it's just pissing money away. I have to recognize my limitations and accept that I am terrible at Fantasy Football and go back to playing those old-style electric football games that the players bounced around on. Remember those?



  1. My hubs is a HUGE Skins fan...but says to me last night.

    You know, babe, I think I may be rooting for the Ravens this year. I've always been a closet Ravens fan.

    Which made me laugh. I don't really know why.



  2. Ah Ken., no need to give up fantasy football entirely. Yahoo has pretty good leagues that are free. I'm in one every year. If ya want, next year, I'll send ya an invite to the league I'm in every year. It's fun and free....what more could you ask for?? lol

    Since the Steeler game wasn't televised up here, someone please tell me why NY thinks that the Miami/San Diego game warranted local coverage over the Steelers/Bengals game, I didn't end up watching much football. It was on the tv, but I didn't pay much attention to it this week. I didn't even know that Lewis was down until I read your post. Glad to know that he was back out there though. That's one guy I'd hate to see get hurt cuz I think that loss would affect the entire team. And as I've said before, I got a lot of respect for that guy.

    Last night I fell asleep well before the MNF game was over so I have no idea who even won.

    I'm praying that Polamalu can return soon cuz the Steelers D is hurting without him. Wanna trade Lewis?? *grin* Now that would be a nice defense.

  3. Now, when does football season start? :-)


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