Sunday, September 13, 2009

NFL 2009 Season Is On

Get used to this.

I know, I come here to read about the latest Kubrick or MiniMates purchase, or to read about some old Palisades or ReSaurus toy that I worked on, or to read about Bennett and his progress or the rest of my family.

But hopefully, most of you recognize that this blog is about all of those things and more, but it is really about ME and my connections to those things. See, most blogs of this sort are not necessarily about the subject matter at hand, they are about the PERSON writing and his/her experiences about the subject matter at hand.

Well, like it or not, one of my passions, beyond my son, toys and all that, is the NFL. It is the only sport that I get into with a red hot passion. And I get into it in ways that a lot of fans might look at and say 'WTF?' I have my team that I support and root for, the Baltimore Ravens, but I have other teams I root for. Teams like the Eagles, the Packers and others. When any of the teams I like play each other, I have a hierarchy of who I will cheer for. So I'm covered there. There is no conflict.

See, I am not just a Baltimore Ravens fan...I won't allow myself to be defined by that label. I am an NFL fan, I will watch many games in a weekend. I read the schedule for the upcoming weekend and with the DirecTV Sunday Ticket I pick and choose the games I intend to watch. I sometimes tape games that are on while the Ravens play so I can watch them as well.

During the week while the season is underway, I watch NFL Replay on the NFL Network, showcasing games in one hour, with all the chaff separated from the wheat. I watch the NFL Top Ten shows, and keep up with what's going on in the NFL by watching NFL Total Access and Playbook to get ready for the upcoming week. I watch the TV Series America's Game and I study and read NFL history. I am fascinated by history, and I am fascinated by the NFL, so that's a good marriage.

Even if you aren't a huge fan of the NFL, I recommend the show America's Game to anyone who appreciates history, sports or otherwise. It is a fantastic documentary series about the Super Bowl champions year to year and they did a sub-series called The Missing Rings about some of those teams that SHOULD have been Super Bowl Champions but somehow did not. Teams like the 98 Vikings and of course the Buffalo Bills who lost the big game 4 years in a row.

So here I sit, excited. Can you believe it? With all the shit that has been going on for months? I am excited and giddy about the new NFL season. The season 'officially' began last Thursday with the Titans @ Steelers, and although the Steelers are my sworn enemy, I cannot deny my respect for their team and what they are able to do or marvel at how Ben Roethlisberger can stay on his feet while other QB's would be face first in the grass. I watched the entire game and felt the tickle about the NFL getting going (I don't watch a lot of pre-season stuff) and as I write this, Sunday, I am listening to NFL Countdown on ESPN which I watch in the morning until I switch over to the Fox coverage starting at noon.

Then, it's off to channel 705-1 HD, to watch Kansas City @ Baltimore (I LOVE YOU DIRECTV). Since I live here in Ohio now (instead of Baltimore) I can see every single Ravens game with the Sunday Ticket, where usually I would only see them if they were on at night (rare) or if they played the Browns or Bengals (MAYBE). But none of that matters with DirecTV, I get EVERY GAME.

I'll DVR the Eagles/Carolina game and check out highlights on the Red Zone channel during Ravens halftime. At 4-ish I'll be watching the Giants game, because there are only two games in the 4:30 slot today, and the Rams @ Seahawks is not as compelling as Washington @ NYG. Not that I have great love for either of those teams either, but it promises to be a good game and I also for work related reasons want to check out Eli Manning. More on that later. The cat's out of the bag publicly about the company I am working for, and I have some things to write about in later posts.

Tonight's game? Chicago is playing the Packers, and I love a good rivalry game, plus I love the NBC Sunday Night Football crew. Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann are the Batman and Robin of sports highlights IMHO, they are fantastic. I'm bummed that Bettis is gone, but it will be interesting to see how Rodney Harrison adds to the mix, though I do still hate Tiki Barber on that show. What a load.

Sunday Night Football, broadcast of the game itself, will be different this year, no John Madden. HUGE bummer that he is retired. But if you need a great color man to sit next to Al (Do You Believe in Miracles) Michaels, then you could do a lot worse than Chris Collinsworth, my second favorite current color commentator under Madden. Well, since Madden is retired I guess Collinsworth has become my #1.

Tomorrow night it's a Double Header on Monday Night Football. I'm definitely in for the Patriots at 7:00PM, not sure if I will be watching Chargers and Raiders at 10:15PM, though I will probably. I like watching the Chargers when they aren't up against one of my teams I rank higher on my 'Root List', and I hate the Raiders. But the great thing about MNF right now? NO TONY KORNHEISER. I couldn't stand that comb-over a-hole. His replacement? Jon Gruden, Chucky himself, in the booth. LOVE THAT. Although I'd rather see Chucky on the sidelines somewhere.

I've got my Ravens jersey on, my Eagles nerf football out of storage to hold all day, and my 52-ounce Bubba Keg football cup filled with water. I'm ready. No alcohol for me...I don't drink often, if ever. But I loves me the ice cold H20.

On to some football...


  1. would be proud of me. I'm allowing J-dawg to watch all the bet he wishes he weren't a free to air cheapskate now heart can handle. And I've promised I'll make snacks. And not complain once!

    Heck...just thinking about it...I'M proud of me! ;)

    Have fun...


  2. You been nipping at a flask today? What the heck did you just say? I'm allowing J-dawg to watch all the bet he wishes he weren't a free to air cheapskate now heart can handle.

  3. hahaha...reading it back is kinda fun. No flask though. Although I do feel like crap. Coming down with something.


    Just sayin' I'm letting my hubs (who says we're too po' to pay for cable) watch all the football he can today. Without complaining. And even making snacks. Even thought I feel like crap! :)

  4. I'm watching Fox News while Dora is playing Batman and Robin. I tried to watch some of a game today...the redskins were playing someone....
    I got kinda bored...I cooked some food and drank some tried to understand your post and am thinking of ways to get a 52" LCD so I can use my Dish HD...maybe less wine purchases....

    Thinking of you guys...

  5. Football rocks! I don't watch it that often, but I love watching the bigger games, and I always watch the super bowl. Go Bears! Do you watch college too? Notre Dame anyone?

    Glad that you are having fun!


  6. Go Panthers! (Their summer training camp is @ my college alma mater...I grew up with owner Jerry Richardson's kids...In fact, his oldest was my 9th grade b'friend for awhile...I remember Mr. R. taking us to a church dance in their Rolls! Oh what might have been....)

  7. I'm going to have to defer this post to my hubby...I'm lost when it comes to sports.

  8. I love football too. Though, it is not as joyous on days like today, when our QB sucks so much even I want to boo him (I'm not into booing people normally). Yes, I'm a Panthers fan.......though I guess I could have been a Bears fan too by that measure.

    Cyndi....small world....I used to go see the Panthers even back when they played at Clemson. And Mark Richardson actually lives in my parents' old house now. Well, he actually tore half of it down and rebuilt it. But anyway......we like the Richardsons and love the Panthers in my house too. Maddie wears their cheerleader uniform for games. And Julius Peppers had a few classes with me in college. So I love him from his UNC days of football and basketball.....and even though he tried desperately to leave us, he played well enough today to make me happy with him.

    I watch all the games I can, especially Sunday and Monday Night Football. I agree with you Ken on Cris Collinsworth, though I won't miss Madden. I couldn't stand looking at him in high def last year, with the makeup, and the eyebrows. I disagree about Tony Kornheiser too. I know he didn't quite fit, but I like him anyway. And he was waaay better than Dennis odd was that? I am not sure how I'm going to feel about John Gruden yet.

    My hubby and I watched games together before the Ball today and again when we got home. I love having a lazy Sunday watching games all day. Luckily, we have Maddie hooked on sports on TV too. She calls all of them (football, basketball, tennis, and golf) "ball" but at least she got that much.

    So I share your enthusiasm for the start of the season and am happy we can both find distraction watching sports on TV.

  9. Are you ready for some football??This house sure is.Love the game but love that my husband loves it more.And my daughter and her boyfriend ... so yeah .. football fans here.Only thing is,I miss my 26 years in NY,when you can feel the chill in the air,smell the fireplaces going ... then you really know football season has begun.80 degree California weather sometimes doesn't cut it!

  10. Ahhhh KEN!! You're killing me! The Steelers are your sworn enemy huh? Boy....hate to tell ya, but I was born and raised a Steelers fan. Helps that I grew up in Pittsburgh, but still!!!

    I will not miss Madden. That guy drove me up the wall! I'm interested in seeing how Gruden does....It's hard for me to picture him in the booth instead of on the field though....

  11. Nice to see some Chargers love on your post. I can't believe they've got a MNF game with such a late start.

    As for color analysts, how about Brian Billick? He's growing to be my favorite analyst over on Fox.

    And seeing Dan Patrick and Keith Olberman together was an awesome surprise last night.

    After the dismal/painful baseball season for San Diego, it seems like it's been a couple years since the last NFL game. LOVED yesterday and looking forward to the Chargers crushing Oakland tonight.

  12. Richard:
    NFL isn't for everybody, no worries.

    Since I live in Columbus Ohio I am legally obligated to watch some college ball now.

    Wow...what a bad day for Carolina. Looked like a sequel to their playoff game last year.

    No worries.

    You had issues looking at Madden but liked Tony Kornheiser? I had an issue with how flowery his language was. He's a fantastic writer, really great, but not a great color commentator. Now...Dennis Miller. Well, I like the guy, but yeah, not a great fit for MNF. Still think he's funny as hell, but he didn't belong on the show.
    That was a serious embarrassment yesterday for Jake.

    Yeah I would have a hard time not living in a place that has significant change to all four seasons, especially my favorite, FALL.

    I respect them, how can I not, they do have 6 Lombardi's...but as a Raven's fan they are the divisions only real competition and I gotta root for my guys.

    LOVE Billick, but I don't think I have heard him in a booth. He is a smart, very sharp analyst on the Playbook shows on NFL Network, never seen is booth work. I loved him as the Ravens head coach.
    I'd like to see the Chargers get a ring. As long as they aren't playing any of my teams I put over them on my root chart, I'd be all for it.

  13. That's understandable Ken. I have complete respect for Ray Lewis. I often wonder if Baltimore didn't have him on defense if they would give Pittsburgh such a hard time as they do.

    Yesterday's game made it obvious that Pittsburgh is missing Polamalu. Hopefully that MCL of his will heal quick. All in all, it was a well fought game.


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